Blades of Glory

Lakeshore Records (0780163391022)
映画 | 年: 2007 | フォーマット: CD, ダウンロード




# トラック   期間
1.Slice and Dice on Ice1:08
2.Capture the Dream2:36
3.Freight Train from Hell2:35
4.Snow Cones2:27
5.Icy Hot Superslide1:21
6.The Verticoli0:53
7.The Family Plot1:54
8.The Iron Lotus1:30
9.Ready to Make History1:00
10.The Illustrated Man1:16
11.Pile of Guts1:57
12.The Loophole0:57
13.Grublets on Ice!0:56
14.The Human Onion0:34
15.We Did It0:40
16.Plan B0:52
17.Stranz and Fairchild0:55
19.Cruel Bitch Mother1:20
20.World Wintersport0:28
21.The Chase6:52
22.Breaking the Ice0:22
23.Blades of Glory6:01
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