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50 Years of Film Music

映画 ミュージカル | 年: 2011 | フォーマット: ダウンロード




# トラック アーティスト/作曲家 期間
1.Jeepers Creepers (fromLouis Armstrong2:06
2.The Man That Got Away (fromJudy Garland4:28
3.Bosom Buddies (fromLucille Ball & Bea Arthur4:07
4.42nd StreetRuby Keeler & Dick Powell2:45
5.He Needs Me / Sugar (fromPeggy Lee3:29
6.Secret Love (fromDoris Day3:43
7.As Time Goes By (fromDooley Wilson3:02
8.Just One Of Those Things (fromFrank Sinatra2:06
9.A Streetcar Named DesireAlex North1:50
10.Adventures Of Don JuanMax Steiner5:58
11.The Adventures Of Robin HoodErich Wolfgang Korngold14:51
12.Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?Alex North2:19
13.Trouble (fromRobert Preston4:19
14.The Sea HawkErich Wolfgang Korngold6:58
15.Yankee Doodle Boy / Harrigan / Give My Regards To Broadway (fromJames Cagney -6:57
16.The Lullaby Of Broadway (fromWini Shaw2:09
17.My Heart Belongs To Daddy (fromMary Martin3:09
18.The Treasure Of The Sierra MadreMax Steiner4:39
19.King's RowErich Wolfgang Korngold4:55
20.Land Of The PharaohsDimitri Tiomkin1:52
21.The Nun's StoryFranz Waxman3:08
22.We're In The Money (fromGinger Rogers3:09
23.About A Quarter To Nine (fromAl Jolson & Ruby Keeler2:10
24.DamesDick Powell4:45
25.All This, And Heaven TooMax Steiner1:43
26.The Girlfriend Of The Whirling Dervish (fromJohn Payne, Johnny Scat Davis & Joe Venuti4:36
27.I Only Have Eyes For You (fromDick Powell2:59
28.She's A Latin From Manhattan (fromAl Jolson3:07
29.I'll String Along With You (fromDick Powell & Ginger Rogers2:06
30.Now, VoyagerMax Steiner1:44
31.I'm Like A Fish Out Of Water (fromDick Powell & Rosemary Lane2:54
32.SayonaraFranz Waxman2:24
33.By A Waterfall (fromDick Powell & Ruby Keeler4:55
34.The High And The MightyDimitri Tiomkin2:25
35.Shuffle Off To Buffalo (fromRuby Keeler, Ginger Rogers, Una Merkel & Clarence Nordstrom2:58
36.The Lullaby Of BroadwayHarry Warren & His Orchestra0:24
37.The Girl At The Ironing Board (fromJoan Blondell4:02
38.The Lullaby Of Broadway (Reprise)Harry Warren & His Orchestra1:23
39.September In The Rain (fromJames Melton2:09
40.With A Song In My Heart (fromDoris Day & Harry James2:37
41.The Lullaby Of Broadway (Reprise)Wini Shaw & Chorus2:47
42.Hooray For Hollywood (fromDick Powell, Gene Krupa & Benny Goodman4:11
43.Put 'Em In A Box, Tie 'Em With A Ribbon (fromDoris Day & The Page Cavanaugh Trio3:28
44.Selection From Camelot (1967)Richard Harris0:44
45.How To Handle A Woman (fromRichard Harris3:34


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