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Into the West

La-La Land Records (0826924125823)
La-La Land Records (9992006092657)
TVシリーズ/ TVフィルム | 発売日: 18/06/2013 | 映画のリリース: 2005 | フォーマット: CD, ダウンロード
限定版: 3000 コピー




# トラック   期間
1.Into the West1:37
2.Buffalo Run0:53
3.Growling Bear's Vision1:31
5.Hunting the Buffalo3:09
6.The Path of Old Tradition1:42
7.Jacob Joins Jedediah Smith1:01
8.The Beauty of the American Frontier0:47
10.Growling Bear Appears3:15
11.Shootout With Johnny Fox2:06
12.Meteor Shower0:58
13.Jacob and Thunder Heart Woman3:40
14.Much to Learn From Each Other1:24
15.The Wheel and the Sunset1:59
16.Naming Jacob's Baby0:54
17.The Lakota, a Peaceful Nation1:09
18.Leah Drowns1:57
21.Crossing the River1:20
22.The Arduous Climb2:25
23.Leaving Jacob Behind1:54
24.Running Fox Returns to Dogstar2:38
# トラック   期間
1.Dreams and Schemes0:29
2.Gold Fever3:54
3.The Mother Lode1:32
4.San Francisco 18501:25
5.Gathering of Nations2:11
6.Drowning Jethro3:08
7.Quantrill’s Raiders4:50
9.The Sand Creek Massacre4:56
10.Aftermath at Sand Creek0:57
11.Jacob Jr.'s Letter Home1:04
12.The Transcontinental Railroad1:44
14.Preserving Lakota History1:17
15.An Uncertain Future2:13
16.Leaving the School1:35
17.Ghost Dance2:21
19.Margaret Light Shines With the Children1:51
20.Wheeler Reunion 18901:16
21.Seeing the Buffalo3:07
22.Merry Christmas1:23
23.In the Wake of Sitting Bull’s Death1:12
25.Caring for the Wounded2:00
26.After Wounded Knee3:00
27.The Tribe Moves On2:48


La-La Land Records and Paramount Music proudly present Geoff Zanelli's (THE PACIFIC, HITMAN, OUTLANDER, DISTURBIA) Emmy Award-winning original score to the 2005 DreamWorks Television mini-series event INTO THE WEST, starring Josh Brolin, Keri Russell, Skeet Ulrich, Beau Bridges and Keith Carradine, and executive produced by Steven Spielberg. Zanelli's majestic score, finally presented here officially for the first time with this 2-CD compilation, weaves a grand, yet nuanced musical tapestry that evocatively captures the awe and drama of the historic American West. Produced by Geoff Zanelli and mastered by Patricia Sullivan, this special limited edition release of 3000 units features exclusive, in-depth liner notes by film music writer Brian Satterwhite. Simply put, it's a release of a great score that has been long overdue.

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