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20 All-Time Movie Hits Video-Hit-Collection '93

映画 | 年: 1993 | フォーマット: CD




# トラック   期間
1.Terminator 2 (Main Title)1:56
2.Medicine Man (Rae`s Arrival)5:06
3.City Slickers (Main Title)2:40
4.Father Of The Bride (Main Title)2:27
5.Naked Gun 2 1/2 (Main Title)2:01
6.Little Man Tate (Fred and Dede)4:30
7.The Last Butterfly (End Title)4:24
8.The Great Mouse Detective (Main Title)1:38
9.Year Of The Comet (Maggie Goes To Scotland)2:08
10.Hudson Hawk (Leonardo)4:54
11.Final Analysis (Front Titles)2:38
12.Article 99 (Main Titles)3:58
13.Dead Again (The Headlines)3:24
14.Basic Instinct (Main Title)2:14
15.The Player (The Player)3:06
16.Doc Hollywood (Life Sentence)4:24
17.My Cousin Vinny (Life On The Open Road)2:50
18.Soapdish (Mambo Glamoroso)3:51
19.A Rage In Harlem (Happy Train)2:49
20.Black Robe (Libera Me)5:02


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