Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Lakeshore Records 08/12/2023 ダウンロード
ゲームのサウンドトラック 映画のリリース: 2023




# トラック   期間
1.The People's Cry (Main Theme)2:18
2.Take Flight3:03
3.Child of Two Worlds2:21
4.The Wildwoods2:42
5.Rainforest Whispers3:04
6.The Sarentu Moot3:09
7.Wild Sky3:04
8.Wind Flutes Call1:43
9.Battle in the Sky1:05
10.Return of the Sky People4:15
11.Heart of the Beast2:37
12.Song of the Sarentu2:41
13.The Hollows2:36
14.Beneath the Kinglor Nest2:12
15.First Strike4:42
16.They Have Made Us Warriors2:05
17.Soaring Skies1:40
18.Going Home2:07
20.The Gentle Giant0:53
21.Welcome to Hometree2:40
22.No Escape2:34
23.The Silk Harvest1:49
24.To Be Chosen3:03
26.Untamed Grasslands2:37
27.A Warrior's Heart2:33
28.Into Hiding2:09
29.The Aranahe Clan1:46
31.First Flight1:44
32.Eywa's Blessing2:53
33.Flight of the Kinglor1:10
34.Forest in the Sky2:12
35.Glade of Light2:12
36.Across the Boundless Range2:10
37.Shadows of the Past4:23
38.Night of Sorrow2:01
39.Take the Fight to Them1:51
40.Into the Mists3:09
41.The Woods Grow Still2:11
42.On the Hunt3:02
43.The Lodge1:22
44.Pandora Will Be Free2:14
45.End of the Line2:36
46.Ash on the Winds1:06
47.Zakru Never Forget a Friend3:21
48.We Charge as One1:59
49.New Beginnings2:57


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