Honor of Kings, Vol. 6





# トラック アーティスト/作曲家 期間
1.Battle of FateHonor of Kings & Moeki Harada2:58
2.The Amazing MoveHonor of Kings & Brian D’oliveira4:12
3.The FortifierHonor of Kings & Michael Bross3:13
4.The Solitary Spear Honor of Kings & Obadiah Brown-Beach3:49
5.The AuspiciousHonor of Kings & Matthew Carl Earl3:00
6.Tale of Mountain ShepherdHonor of Kings & Edouard Brenneisen3:15
7.Child of WoodsHonor of Kings & Edouard Brenneisen3:12
8.Tale of WoodsHonor of Kings & Dong Liu2:49
9.Carving Time with Love Honor of Kings & Obadiah Brown-Beach2:30
10.Father and SonHonor of Kings & Wutong Xu2:31
11.Truth Honor of Kings & Obadiah Brown-Beach3:23
12.Guardians of the Great WallHonor of Kings & Neal Acree3:05
13.The Tranquil HeartHonor of Kings & Matthew Carl Earl3:02


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