A Place in the Sun

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映画 映画のリリース: 1951




# トラック   期間
1.Prelude and First Scene1:49
2.The First Mile2:49
3.Love's Meeting2:12
4.Dance and Angela (Original Version)3:04
5.Evil Plans3:20
6.Loon Lake-Part 21:59
7.To the Lake.1:40
8.Buiilding Up to Murder3:16
9.The Drowning-Part 13:06
10.The Drowning-Part 23:08
11.Farewell and Frenzy (Original Version)3:01
12.Angela Collapses1:11
13.Witness Montage1:35
14.The Last Mile (Finale) (Original Version)1:47
15.Prelude and First Scene (Film Version) (Bonus Track)2:48
16.Rhumba (Original Version) (Bonus Track)1:59
17.Dance and Angela (Film Version) (Bonus Track)3:05
18.Out of Nowhere–Rhumba (Bonus Track)2:20
19.Not Married (Bonus Track)1:28
20.Alice's Radio (Bonus Track)1:12
21.Ophelia (Bonus Track)2:10
22.Farewell and Frenzy (Film Version) (Bonus Track)2:06
23.Finale (Film Version) (Bonus Track)0:43


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