Beyond the Screen - Film Works On Piano

Sony Classical 03/03/2023 ダウンロード




# トラック   期間
1.The Cider House Rules: Piano Suite2:16
2.Chocolat: Piano Suite2:53
3.The Pier (from Never Let Me Go, Arr. for Piano & Cello)2:18
4.One Day: Piano Suite3:53
5.Good Night You Kings (from The Cider House Rules, Arr. for Piano)2:34
6.The Duchess: Piano Suite2:32
7.Letter Box (from Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, Arr. for Piano & Cello)3:30
8.Girl Rising: Piano Suite2:50
9.Still Life: Piano Suite3:57
10.Vianne Sets Up Shop (from Chocolat, Arr. for Piano & Cello)2:58
11.Emma: Piano Suite3:10
12.I'd Miss You (from Their Finest, Arr. for Piano)2:26
13.Snow Story (from Smoke, Arr. for Piano & Cello)4:54
14.Passage of Time (from Chocolat, Arr. for 2 Pianos)2:43
15.Frozen Lake (from The Human Stain, Arr. for Piano & Cello)3:25
16.Life Is Sweet: Piano Suite2:12
17.Book of Photographs (from Still Life, Arr. for Piano & Cello)3:09
18.The Last Dinner (from Despite the Falling Snow, Arr. for Piano)2:42
19.Never Let Me Go: Piano & Cello Suite5:07
20.Good Night You Kings (from The Cider House Rules, Arr. for Piano) a calm version1:03


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