Marc Aramian - Music For Motion Pictures II

Promotional 2001 CD
映画 映画のリリース: 2001




# トラック   期間
1.Mt. Rushmore's 'Freedom: America's Lasting Legacy'-Carving the Mountain 
2.Mt. Rushmore's 'Freedom: America's Lasting Legacy'-Washington's Home 
3.Mt. Rushmore's 'Freedom: America's Lasting Legacy'-Jefferson and the Westward Expansion 
4.Mt. Rushmore's 'Freedom: America's Lasting Legacy'-Civil War and the Healing 
5.Mt. Rushmore's 'Freedom: America's Lasting Legacy'-America the Beautiful 
6.Raney-Off to the Lake 
8.Normandy : The Great Crusade-Closing Credits 
9.Normandy : The Great Crusade-Battle at Martha's Farm 
10.ABS-CBN-Theme Music 
11.Palomino Duck-As Seasons Change 
12.Disney-California Adventure 
13.How Animals Do That-March of the Penguins 
14.How Animals Do That-Timber Wolves 
15.Embrace of the Aswang-Overture 
16.Embrace of the Aswang-The Z's Fall in Love 
17.Behind the Badge-Tom's Been Hit 
18.Behind the Badge-Don't Mess With The Mob 
19.Last of the Czars-Winter in St. Petersburg 
20.Last of the Czars-Love Theme and Tragedy 
21.Expedition Discovery-Kilimanjaro Afternoon 
22.Expedition Discovery-Trip to Uranus 
23.Expedition Discovery-Trekking 
24.Heart of Christmas-The Evil Aunts 
25.Heart of Christmas-Snow in the Tropics 
26.Heart of Christmas-Dondie's Rescued 


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