Cliffhangers: The Curse of Dracula

Five Jays Music 18/11/2022 ダウンロード




# トラック アーティスト/作曲家 期間
1.Dracula's Theme / Escape From The Burning BarnJoe Harnell3:33
2.Night School With The Dracula / Talking Dracula / Kurt Searches For MaryJoe Harnell2:52
3.I Loved Your MotherJoe Harnell0:44
4.Mary Trapped / Flaming Car / Episode CreditsJoe Harnell3:53
5.Dracula Theme / Opening Narration / Kurt Jumps Clear Of The Flaming CarJoe Harnell4:48
6.Mary's StoryJoe Harnell1:30
7.The Crow / Coffin Time / To The Hospital / Many Thanks To DraculaJoe Harnell2:18
8.The Needle Of Doom / Episode CreditsJoe Harnell2:36
9.Dracula's Theme / Opening NarrationJoe Harnell1:06
10.Unused Cue / CHiP Pulls Over Dracula / CHiP Snack / Mary AloneLes Baxter6:13
11.The Phone Call / Kurt Shows UpLes Baxter1:33
12.The Offer Of Immortality / Dogs Attack MaryLes Baxter4:16
13.Dracula's Theme / Opening Narration / Dracula Saves Mary From The Dogs / Dracula Saves The DayCharles R. Cassey4:38
14.Mary Sees The Bite MarksCharles R. Cassey1:55
15.Kurt Breaks In / Catwalk Accident / Mary Arrives / Mary's Choice / Tune In Next WeekCharles R. Cassey6:24
16.Dracula's Theme / Opening Narration / Kurt Falls / May ResistsLes Baxter2:32
17.I'm One Of Them! / Dracula Calls MaryLes Baxter2:09
18.Enter Mary's Mom / Kurt Drugged / Kurt Entombed / Tune In Next WeekLes Baxter3:57
19.Dracula's Theme And Opening Narration / Amanda Rescues KurtIra Hearshen4:05
20.Dracula And Mary / Mary Gives Herself To DraculaIra Hearshen5:25
21.Kurt Breaks In / Mary's Bloodlust / Tune In Next WeekIra Hearshen2:26
22.Dracula's Theme And Opening Narration / Mary And Her Mom's ReunionLes Baxter4:51
23.Kurt And Mary KissLes Baxter0:49
24.The Crow Returns / Dracula Wants You To Kill Mary / Coffin AwakeningLes Baxter2:04
25.Dracula And Amanda / Deathtrap For Dracula / Tune In Next WeekLes Baxter4:44
26.Dracula's Theme and Opening Narration / Dracula EscapesIra Hearshen5:12
27.Attempt On Mary's Life And EscapeIra Hearshen2:19
28.The Girl Is In Great Danger / Dracula Finds Mary / Tune In Next WeekIra Hearshen3:09
29.Dracula's Theme And Opening Narration / Mom To The RescueLes Baxter2:51
30.The Treatment Goes On / Mary Fakes Out Kurt / Mary Escapes / Mary Is SavedLes Baxter3:58
31.A Mother's Choice / Tune In Next WeekLes Baxter5:16
32.Dracula's Theme / Amanda's DeathLes Baxter3:00
33.Dracula Sleeps / Dracula's Journal / Destroying The CoffinsLes Baxter4:28
34.Final ConfrontationLes Baxter2:00
35.Dracula's Death / The EndLes Baxter3:40


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