A Jazzman's Blues
(Digital) (Score)

Milan Records 23/09/2022 ダウンロード
映画 映画のリリース: 2022




# トラック   期間
1.Just Like Old Times1:48
2.First Kiss2:58
3.Through the Window2:10
4.I've Had Enough1:45
5.Sam's Story2:44
6.Encouraged to Read2:09
7.Leanne is Leaving1:06
8.Round Up the Boys3:58
9.Leanne and Bayou Talk2:03
10.Leanne's Story1:33
11.We Can't Be Sad Together1:53
12.Leanne Stalks Bayou1:59
13.Leanne Can't Sleep1:40
14.Cissy Lies1:27
15.How's Your Son1:44
16.Bayou's Fate2:05
17.Bayou Goes a Courtin'1:14
18.Willie's OD3:01
19.Read This And Give It Back0:46
20.Bayou Enter Bus1:03
21.Just One Night0:49
22.Marry Me1:14
23.Reading the Letters1:07
24.Get On Outta Here Boy0:46
25.I Saw Bayou1:40
26.The Fight1:13
27.He's Not Here1:23
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