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37 分, 言語: 英語
〜によって記録される Tim Horemans に 2010-08-11

Born in Minnesota, Michael Wandmacher started his carreer as a composer in the advertising industry. In 1998, Michael moved to Los Angeles eager to start working in films. Since then, he has quickly established himself as a very versatile composer; re-scoring Jackie Chan movies for the North American market, working on the TV show Night Stalker and providing the scores for films like The Killing Floor and Never Back Down. In 2005, Michael provided the musical score for the successful slasher film Cry Wolf, directed by Jeff Wadlow. By combining very unique electronic textures with some orchestral elements, Michael has composed music for films such as Cry Wolf, Punisher: War Zone, My Bloody Valentine 3D and coming up, Piranha 3D.