28 Days Later Main Theme
 Alvinnn!!! And The Chipmunks Main Theme - Trap Version
The Amazing World Of Gumball Main Theme
The Amazing World of Gumball Main Theme
 Angry Birds Main Theme - Trap Version
 Barney: I Love You - Remix
 Batman Forever: Kiss From A Rose - Trap Version
 Baywatch: I'm Always Here
 Beauty And The Beast: Be Our Guest
 Ben 10 Main Theme
 Beverly Hills Cop 2: Axel F
 Big City Greens Main Theme - Trap Version
 Bluey Main Theme
 Bob The Builder - Trap Remix
 Borderlands 2: Short Change Hero
The Boys Season 3 Trailer: Bones - Trap Version
The Boys: Rapture - Soldier Boy Rap
 Bullet Train: Stayin' Alive


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