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Ares: Season 1

Records DK 06/01/2022 Digital Download

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# Traccia   Durata
1.Talking With Carmen2:05
2.Waiting For Carmen1:33
3.What Do You Want1:24
4.Hand Over Phone1:48
5.Countdown Chamber1:53
6.Jacob Running Away1:06
7.Beal Calling Jacob2:28
8.To Ares1:34
9.Rosa Taking Pill2:44
10.Joost Is Dead2:34
11.They Wanna See The Body1:32
12.You Need To Leave2:11
13.Fluer Sad4:34
14.Arnold Confrontating Jacob1:48
15.Arnold Vomiting1:00
16.Little Maurits Vomiting2:16
17.In To Offering Room1:21
18.Rosa Offering Guilt2:30
19.Betrayal of Jacob2:02
20.Hester Dies0:43
21.Jacob Transformation1:05
22.Feeling Guilt1:19
23.Visiting Hospital4:50
24.We Need To Find Jacob1:40
25.Mauritz and the Witch1:26
26.Camen Inaugurated4:05
27.Rosas Kill2:17
28.New President4:01
29.Ready To Vomit2:28
30.Rosa Resurrection0:46
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