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Lost in Space 3

Milan Records 01/12/2021 Digital Download

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# Traccia Artista/Compositore Durata
1.Three Little BirdsAjay Parikh-Friese2:51
2.Cargo Bay One3:08
3.In Judy's Head / Mission2:04
5.Alien Planet4:16
6.Jupiter Rising / Updraft3:04
7.Nice to Meet You3:17
8.Meteor Shower2:18
9.Grant and Judy2:18
10.Skeletons and Falling Rocks4:15
11.Baby Judy Flashback2:36
12.Lift Off!4:06
13.Dad and Will3:15
14.Tumbling / Will Blasts2:16
15.My Name's Will Robinson3:11
16.It Can't Be!Christopher Lennertz feat. Ayana Haviv2:19
17.Welcome to Alpha Centauri2:02
18.Flying Towards Robots1:26
19.Road Out of Town1:53
20.Helping the Robots2:36
21.John and Grant Talk1:52
22.Robot Fight1:36
23.Will Fading3:19
24.Sacrifice / Trust3:10
25.Everyone vs SAAR4:56
26.Finale and Coda2:47
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