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The Next Karate Kid
La-La Land Records LLLCD 1580

La-La Land Records 30/11/2021 CD - 3000 copie
Film Rilascio pellicola: 1994

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# Traccia Artista/Compositore Durata
1.The Next Karate Kid0:22
2.Regiment Of Heroes1:26
3.Julie Storms Out3:15
4.Cops Chase Julie1:10
5.Julie And Eric Meet2:15
6.Trainyard Emotions1:54
7.The Pizza Guy0:32
8.Julie And Miyagi3:03
9.Alphas Confront Julie3:52
10.Julie Runs From Ned William Ross0:46
11.Gas Station Fight / Monk Headquarters / The Rock Garden1:57
12.Dining With The Monks William Ross2:48
13.Julie-san Satori William Ross1:31
14.Training Montage2:10
15.Zen Archery / Welcome Home, Julie2:23
16.Rooftop Fight1:04
17.Angel Flies3:19
18.The Monks Arrive1:09
19.Miyagi Tears1:33
20.Bowling For Monks1:04
21.The Alphas Drop In0:56
22.The Alphas Clobber Eric3:16
23.Julie’s Fight William Ross3:50
24.Miyagi’s Big Fight William Ross3:36
25.This Is My Country2:12
26.Trainyard Emotions (Alternate)2:12
27.Julie And Eric2:11
28.Dining With The Monks (Alternate)2:53
29.Julie-san Satori (Alternate)2:25
30.Angel Flies (Alternate)3:18
31.Julie’s Fight (Alternate)3:43
32.Miyagi’s Big Fight (Alternate)3:35
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