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Hospital - Season 2

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# Traccia Artista/Compositore Durata
1.Rain and YouLee Mujin4:22
2.In front of the Post Office in AutumnKim Dae Myeung4:28
3.I Like YouJang Beom June3:07
4.I love you more than anyonetwice3:37
5.I Like YouCho jung seok3:35
6.SuperstarMido and Falasol3:36
7.To YouYoo Yeon Seok3:46
8.Is It Still BeautifulSeventeen4:35
9.ReminiscenceJung Kyung Ho3:56
10.It′s My LifeYoon Mi Rae4:16
11.Running in the skyHYNN4:22
12.ButterflyJEON MI DO3:28
13.SomedayMido and Falasol3:52
14.Hospital Playlist Season2 TitleLEE SANG HOON & LEE SANG HYUK0:16
15.An ordinary storyAhn Eun Jung2:12
16.Anxious thingLee Sang Hoon1:07
17.EmergencyJbie & Key1:57
18.PrayingAhn Eun Jung2:57
19.The sun is up againLEE SANG HYUK1:42
20.Everyone has painLee Sang Hoon2:36
21.CutieJbie & Key1:19
22.WhatLee Jeong min1:33
23.Funny jokeLEE SANG HYUK1:24
24.Bad thingLee Sang Hoon1:19
25.Urgent patientLee Sang Hoon1:32
# Traccia Artista/Compositore Durata
1.Is It Still Beautiful (Drama Ver.)Mido and Falasol4:19
2.It′s My Life (Drama Ver.)Mido and Falasol3:48
3.Running in the sky (Drama Ver.)Mido and Falasol4:29
4.Butterfly (Drama Ver.)Mido and Falasol4:10
5.Let′s forget it (Drama Ver.)Mido and Falasol4:35
6.Already One Year (Drama Ver.)Mido and Falasol3:51
7.You Have a Crush On Me (Drama Ver.)Mido and Falasol3:45
8.Rain and You (Drama Ver.)Mido and Falasol4:04
9.I Like You (Drama Ver.)Mido and Falasol3:31
10.White-robed angelJbie & Key2:16
11.ChodingAhn Eun Jung1:21
13.Chu Chu loveMoon Jungwook1:20
14.Winter flowerAhn Eun Jung1:46
15.99′s swingAhn Eun Jung1:46
16.Small hopeJang Hanna1:45
17.Anxious thoughtsLee Sang Hoon1:57
18.Long surgeryLee Sang Hoon1:31
19.PromiseJang Hanna1:09
20.Sick storyLee Sang Hoon1:08
21.Saving peopleJbie & Key2:30
22.OMGLee Jeong min1:43
23.Hold handsLee Sang Hoon1:14
24.SolutionAhn Eun Jung2:43
25.YawnLee Jeong min1:11
26.SunsetLEE SANG HYUK2:33
27.White jacketLee Sang Hoon1:18
28.Green crossLEE SANG HYUK1:03
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