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Blue Velvet
Record Store Day Black Friday 2021 - Marbled Blue Vinyl

Varèse Sarabande 26/11/2021 Vinile - 4500 copie
Film Rilascio pellicola: 1986

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# Traccia   Durata
Side A
1.Main Title 
2.Night Streets / Sandy And Jeffrey 
4.Jeffrey's Dark Side 
5.Mysteries Of Love (French Horn Solo) 
6.Frank Returns 
7.Mysteries Of Love (Instrumental) 
# Traccia   Durata
Side B
1.Blue Velvet / Blue Star 
2.Lumberton U.S.A / Going Down To Lincoln 
3.Akron Meets The Blues 
4.Honky Tonk Part I 
5.In Dreams 
6.Love Letters 
7.Mysteries Of Love 
# Traccia   Durata
Side C
1.Alcron Meets the Blues 
2.Lumberton U.S.A. Radio Ad 
4.Ribbon Scissor 
5.Going Down to Lincoln 
6.Organs and Sirens (take 2) 
7.Sandy and Jeffery 
8.Dorothy Alone 
9.Mount Frank’s Eruption aka Frank (Film version without Clarinet) 
10.Sloe Club Boys 
11.High Gentle Memories 
12.Stalking Out 
13.Yellow Man 
14.Sandy and Jeffrey #2 
15.Ominously Yours II 
16.Ominously Yours IV 
17.Organ (Version 3) / Mysteries of Love † 
# Traccia   Durata
Side D
1.Organ Toots and Sirens 
2.Cue 61A 
3.Cue 05 
4.Cue 09 
5.Cue 09A 
6.Cue 13 
7.Cue 16 
8.Cue 21 & 24 
9.Cue 27 
10.Cue 36 
11.Cue 46 
12.Cue 48 
13.Cue 50 
15.Cue 56 
16.Cue 65 PT 
17.Cue D 
18.Cue 65 (Version 2) 
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