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Maisie Music Publishing 15/09/2021 Digital Download
Film Rilascio pellicola: 2021

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# Traccia Artista/Compositore Durata
1.Cry Little SisterChvrches4:16
2.Alex Leaves Home1:53
3.Ein Bisschen Nehmen1:34
4.Dangers Inside the Apartment1:57
5.Anything Special About You: Meet Lenore2:13
6.The Curio Cabinet: Meet Yasmin1:06
7.The Library2:08
8.Natasha Arrives: Alex Tries Escape1:41
9.Blue Mist1:21
10.The Playground: Friends Never Let Go2:20
11.No Happy Endings: Mystified By You Storyteller3:36
12.Writer's Block0:54
13.Doro Wat: What's Up There3:55
14.Searching & Stories3:05
15.The Night Nursery3:56
16.Brave To Lie: Shredder Shreds4:28
17.Yasmin at the Curio Cabinet2:12
18.There's A Way Out of This Place4:01
19.The Sorcerer & The Peasant Girl3:35
20.Mixing The Potion2:23
22.Dangers Outside the Apartment4:44
23.The Gingerbread House3:20
24.Natasha's Story2:02
25.You're Just Like Us1:57
26.Birthday Party Flashback3:25
27.Unleash The Magic3:38
28.Burn The Witch2:14
29.New Friends New Journal1:24
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