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Memory Box: Echoes Of 9/11

Back Lot Music 08/09/2021 Digital Download

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# Traccia   Durata
1.Memory Box2:40
2.First Plane Hits3:58
3.The Towers3:25
5.Life Changes In An Instance3:12
6.The Pentagon3:01
7.An Epiphany2:46
8.The Mystery Of It All1:25
9.Mass Exodus2:46
10.First Tower Collapse1:53
11.Dust Cloud2:38
12.Helpless (Cello Version)1:49
13.Beyond My Mentality1:31
14.The 105th Floor2:10
16.The Voices Return1:56
18.I Made A Dance1:38
19.The Note2:02
20.Finding The Photo2:08
21.Common Humanness1:34
22.Two Americas3:24
23.Learning To Be OK With The Not OK4:30
24.Echoes Of 9-113:19
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