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CÚzame 03/05/2021 Digital Download

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# Traccia   Durata
1.The Opening Ceremony1:35
2.The Flame Is Lit1:57
3.Dreams of Grandeur2:01
4.Sports Archives1:23
5.Spirit of Ancient Games1:23
6.Champions on Parade1:42
7.Ceremonial Climax1:27
8.The Uncertainty of Sport2:12
9.On the March to Glory1:32
10.Greece Cradle of Olympism1:33
11.Demonstration of Strength1:49
12.Reach for the Heavens1:42
13.Eternal Youth1:15
14.Forever Higher Forever Further1:33
15.A New Day Coming1:07
16.Honouring the Flags1:01
17.Running, Skiing, Skating1:31
18.In the Boxing Ring2:57
19.Vintage Motor Sports1:45
20.Ascending the Steps1:50
21.The Brotherhood of Sport1:34
22.Dead in Competition2:01
23.In the Starting Blocks1:15
24.On the Wings of Victory2:44
25.Sport and Politics1:59
26.Sport's Darkest Hour1:57
27.Loss of Consciousness2:07
28.A Tragic Accident1:37
29.Rebirth from the Ashes1:39
30.Return of the Champions1:09
31.The Games Are Over1:38
32.So Much Effort for so Little1:54
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