Soul Snatcher

Universal Music 19/02/2021 Digital Download

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# Traccia   Durata
1.A Fox and a Scholar3:16
2.The Moonlight Gathering2:34
3.The Beginning of the Journey3:26
4.Finding My Clamen1:57
5.Donkey Running Away2:20
6.Secret Talk0:25
7.A Quiet Town1:36
8.The Academy of Miserable Sea0:42
9.Frog’s Trap2:09
10.The Frog Monster1:29
11.Puppet Scholars1:15
12.Battle with the Frog Monster3:22
13.Mission Failed0:39
14.Looking for Brother Daoran2:32
15.Boat Ride2:09
16.Temptation of Jiankang City2:09
18.The Peony Brothel1:18
19.Curse of the Evil Spirits1:22
21.Rousing of Thunderbolts2:13
22.Starting the Imperial Examination2:28
23.Lure of the Evil Spirits2:05
24.The Bardo World4:46
27.Death of Yinglian2:35
28.Rupture of a Friendship2:03
30.Last Wish2:31
31.The Furious Showdown3:14
32.For Zijin2:02
33.A Real Immortal Fox2:30
34.Xiao Bai and Zijin3:55
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