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The Mean Season

Film | Data di rilascio: 19/07/2010 | Rilascio di pellicole: 1985 | Formato: CD
Edizione limitata: 1200 copie

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# Traccia   Durata
1.Mean Season Main Title2:31
2.The Timing Wasn't Right2:37
3.Press Room0:23
4.The Fourth Call3:47
5.Old Movie Strings2:56
6.Lobo Lounge4:22
7.We've Been Had2:33
8.At The Top Of The Bridge2:56
9.She'll Find Something1:47
10.Here We Go0:59
12.Fish House Fit2:36
13.Shower Curtain1:57
14.I Just Wish1:33
15.Number Four1:42
16.Someone Walking1:04
17.You Let Everything Slide2:41
20.Fighting In The Dark1:30
21.Your Name1:05
22.Christine (End Credits)2:38
23.Mean Cartoon Source1:58
24.News On The Telephone0:42
25.The First Call1:22
26.Number One0:22
27.Another Call0:32
29.The Third Call1:05
30.Headline Number Two0:20
31.Another Headline0:24
32.He Called Me0:27
33.I'll Play The Game0:53
34.Miami Skyline0:33
35.Lobo Lounge Alternate4:18
39.No One Is Safe1:18
40.Dramatic Headline0:24
41.Never Mind2:04
42.When I've Made Up My Mind0:50
43.Malcolm's Answer0:28
44.Ominous Clouds0:32
45.We Are Waiting For You0:37
46.Accent #10:05
48.The Embrace0:40
50.Doorknobs Alternate0:32
51.You Are The Story0:46
52.Another Step0:21
54.Transition Revised0:19
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Pure delight for Lalo Schifrin fans! World premiere of exciting soundtrack for Phillip Borsos crime thriller with Kurt Russell, Mariel Hemingway, Andy Garcia. Schifrin spins web of suspense, then unleashes wild excitement for full orchestra. Along way are detours into classic Schifrin jazz. Dynamic main title is one of several highlights, with scorching trumpet in lead. Haunting closing music ('Christine') also features trumpet. Composer wrote some 45 minutes of score with thematic development but also wrote over half hour of tiny fragments, transitions, stingers. We have assembled 'the album' portion with maximum listening in mind but also include every short cue, fragment in 'the extras' section of CD, plus roadmap in notes for those wishing to dispense with tighter album listening and instead program entire 77-minute score in sequence. Intrada was given access to actual 32-track digital session masters vaulted by MGM in pristine condition, allowing us to create brand new two-track digital stereo mixes of every cue! Stunning audio is a result! Lalo Schifrin conducts. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 1200 copies!

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