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The Amityville Horror

Film | Anno: 2005 | Formato: Digital Download

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# Traccia   Durata
1.Main title - Opening3:05
2.News reel1:03
3.Happy morning0:47
4.Finding the house3:39
5.Finding the house (alternate)3:40
6.Buying the house0:47
7.Houses don't kill1:05
8.Moving in0:50
9.Moving in (alternate)0:52
10.Prayers don't work1:02
11.The house1:52
12.First night0:58
13.Love flash1:31
14.Chelsea & Jodi1:00
15.Not the basement0:57
16.Where's Chelsea0:39
17.Lock the boat house0:49
18.Gotta pee2:05
19.George awakes0:57
20.George drives in0:56
# Traccia   Durata
1.Window scare0:57
2.Basement dig1:27
4.Babysitter enters0:55
5.Make you happy0:48
6.Do you French1:10
7.Sitter tells all1:37
8.The closet1:57
9.George rants2:29
10.Wood punisher2:37
11.George bath0:43
12.She's not real2:00
13.Kathy & the priest1:05
14.Woodchop torture1:24
15.Demon movie1:21
16.Dog's death2:30
17.Fix that squeek3:06
18.Kathy & priest 21:38
19.Holy visit2:12
20.Can't sleep0:58
21.George breaks1:16
22.Lib - Cave montage5:26
23.George and Kathy2:19
24.Everyone run!2:30
25.Roof escape2:15
26.George knocked out2:35
27.Leaving the house1:47
28.House resets0:53
29.End credits7:24
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