Batman: The Animated Series Vol. 2

Film | Data di rilascio: 19/07/2012 | Formato: CD
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# Traccia   Durata
Batman: The Animated Series
1.Main Title (Danny Elfman)1:05
Beware The Gray Ghost - Carl Swander Johnson
2.Beware the Gray Ghost0:54
3.Simon Trent1:47
4.Trent Meets Batman / Trent Runs1:33
5.He Runs But He Can’t Hide0:36
6.Trent Helps Batman0:55
7.Lethal Toys / The Ghost Saves Batman1:25
8.Toy Car Chase0:43
9.Gray Ghost’s Shrine / Mistaken Identity0:46
10.Twisted Ted / Up in Smoke1:36
11.Bruce’s Hero0:31
Beware The Gray Ghost - Bonus Track
12.Gray Ghost Suite1:24
The Cat And The Claw, Part I - Harvey R. Cohen, Wayne Coster, Shirley Walker
13.The Catwoman (S. Walker)4:51
14.Riding the Truck (W. Coster)1:01
15.Multigon International (W. Coster)0:18
16.Introducing Red Claw (H. Cohen) / A Word With the Boss (W. Coster)0:55
17.Catwoman at Multigon H.Q. (S. Walker) / Cats in the Office (S. Walker) (Features “Ode to Joy” By L. Beethoven)1:31
18.Batman Rescues Catwoman (H. Cohen) / Lovers or Enemies (W. Coster)3:33
19.Who Will Save You?0:30
The Cat And The Claw, Part II - Harvey R. Cohen
20.The Cat and the Claw0:44
21.The Train1:59
22.Bruce Wayne’s Chaperone / A Bumpy Ride1:57
23.Alley Cat / Catwoman Strikes3:30
24.Bat Draft2:14
25.The Fallen Resort0:57
26.More Than You’ll Ever Know0:46
The Cat And The Claw - Bonus Tracks
27.String Quartet (W. Coster)1:01
28.Ode to Joy (Composed By L. Beethoven; Arranged by Shirley Walker)0:10
29.Introducing Red Claw (Alternate) (H. Cohen)0:39
30.Ode to Joy Alternates (Composed By L. Beethoven; Arranged By Shirley Walker)0:28
Nothing To Fear - Shirley Walker
31.Nothing to Fear0:43
32.Machine Gun / The Scarecrow Arrives1:42
33.The Vault / Sprinklers3:22
34.Scarecrow’s Hideout0:22
35.Scarecrow’s Backstory0:35
36.Batman’s Flashback / Batman and Alfred0:46
37.Scarecrow Invades the Museum / Scarecrow’s Attempt at Escape2:13
38.Dirigible Flight / Fear Strikes Again / Escape and Explosion3:22
39.Scarecrow Discovered / Scarecrow is Captured / Scarecrow on a Skewer1:54
Heart Of Ice - Todd Hayen, Shirley Walker
40.Heart of Ice0:38
41.The Iceman Cometh Again / Cold as Ice3:30
42.Top Secret0:57
43.The Swift Hand of Vengeance1:55
44.Ice Assault / Frigid Frenzy / Alfred’s Cold Remedy2:34
45.Arkham Asylum0:59
Heart Of Ice - Bonus Tracks
46.Newsbreak (Expanded)0:44
47.Benefit Classic1:15
48.Office Muzak2:25
49.The Iceman Cometh Again (Alternate)2:53
Batman: The Animated Series
50.End Credits (Extended) (Danny Elfman)0:46
# Traccia   Durata
Batman: The Animated Series
1.Main Title (Piano Version) (Danny Elfman and Shirley Walker)1:03
Appointment In Crime Alley - Stuart Balcomb
2.Sub Main Title0:31
3.Batman Drives to Crime Alley / Where Are We Going to Go?2:23
4.I’m Not Afraid Here1:12
5.Searching for Leslie / Leslie’s Held Captive0:49
6.The Billboard0:52
7.Baby Picture1:59
8.Chasing the Trolley / Trolley Rescue1:28
9.Batman Sees the Newstand Clock / Leslie Sweats / Batman Swings During Speech1:09
10.Good People in Crime Alley0:38
Mad As A Hatter - Harvey R. Cohen
11.Mad as a Hatter1:00
12.Poor Jervis / Frabjous Day2:00
13.A Walk in the Park0:38
14.Ejection / The Plunger1:15
15.The Mock Turtle Song0:34
16.Until Tomorrow / Will You, Won’t You1:03
17.All’s Fair in Love and War / Mad Hatter’s Friends / Storybook Land3:04
18.Off With His Head / The Maze / Batman Comes to Tea4:15
Mad As A Hatter - Bonus Track
19.Dining With Jervis1:18
The Strange Secret Of Bruce Wayne - Lolita Ritmanis
20.The Strange Secret / Batman Intervenes2:21
21.Tragic Past1:23
22.The Strange Doctor / The Joker’s Phone Message / Strange Has Left the Building0:58
23.The Diabolical Plan3:07
24.Bruce Makes Another Tape0:45
25.Strange Tries to Run / Flying the Unfriendly Skies / Running on Empty / Batman Makes the Catch / Robin is Revealed3:00
I’ve Got Batman In My Basement - Shirley Walker, Carlos Rodriguez
26.The Heist2:17
27.Sherman Tracks Vulture / Birdseed / Penguin Revealed1:36
28.Batman Gets Gassed2:11
29.Batmobile Goes Bats / Sherman and the Batmobile (Carlos Rodriguez)2:09
30.The Vulture Flies / It’s a Matter of Life and Death0:43
31.Vulture Attack / Penguin Pays a Visit1:04
32.It’s Them or Us / Polite Penguin1:49
33.Penguin the Bully / Batman vs Penguin2:20
34.Front Page Penguin0:41
Feat Of Clay, Part I - Jeff Atmajian, Shirley Walker, Carl Swander Johnson
35.Feat of Clay (J. Atmajian)1:09
36.Mr. Fox’s Resignation (S. Walker)3:32
37.Matt’s Make-Up (S. Walker)1:31
38.Matt Finds the Formula (C. S. Johnson)0:35
39.Creation of Clayface (J. Atmajian)0:45
40.Bell Goes for a Ride/ (C. S. Johnson)1:56
41.Bruce Looks for Answers (J. Atmajian)0:49
42.Teddy Discovers Clayface (S. Walker)0:43
Feat Of Clay, Part II - Shirley Walker
43.Sub Main Title0:36
44.Arrival at Imperial Pictures0:19
45.Man of Many Faces2:11
46.Suffocation for Fox / Foiled by Batman1:08
47.Batman Confronts Clayface / The Matt Hagen Films3:09
48.Batman Confrontation With Clayface / Clayface Dies4:48
49.The Morgue0:50
Batman: The Animated Series
50.End Credits (Alternate Beginning) (Danny Elfman)0:48
# Traccia   Durata
Batman: The Animated Series
1.Main Title (MIDI Version) (Danny Elfman and Shirley Walker)1:04
Almost Got ‘Im - Stuart Balcomb
2.Almost Got ‘Im1:24
3.Pumpkin Patch / Batman’s Scorn1:11
4.A Bad Penny1:12
5.Penguin’s Setup / Birds of a Feather2:42
6.Laugh O Meter / Catwoman to the Rescue / Catwoman KO’d1:10
7.Shadow Secrets / Cat Food for Thought / Maybe Some Day2:08
Almost Got ‘Im - Bonus Tracks
8.Club Source #20:59
9.Club Source #40:57
10.Joker Talk Show Source (Extended)0:49
11.Joker Bumper0:15
12.Just for Laughs1:40
If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich? - Carlos Rodriguez
13.If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich?/ Silent Radio0:45
14.The Wasteland/ Rescue Attempt / Riddler Escapes4:18
15.Minotaur’s Myth / The Griffin /Griffin Fight / Hand of Fate3:05
16.Hijacked Hand / The Minotaur / Destroy Them / Deadbolts3:06
If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich? - Bonus Tracks
17.If You’re So Smart Source (Shirley Walker)2:11
18.Riddle of the Minotaur Source0:13
19.Griffin Theme0:09
20.Question Mark Motif0:08
21.Hand of Fate Motif0:09
22.Wasteland Motif0:07
23.Musical Puzzle0:12
The Demon’s Quest, Part I - Michael Mccuistion
24.The Demon’s Quest1:47
25.Sad News / Strike One1:06
26.Calcutta / Alley Fight1:48
27.Black Cat / Sweet Dreams, Kitty2:03
28.After You0:33
29.Power Trooper / The Demon’s Guard / They Call Him Ra’s2:45
30.Strike Three - You’re Out0:44
31.The Lazarus Pit / Revitalized Demon2:04
The Demon’s Quest, Part Ii - Harvey R. Cohen
33.The Demon’s Quest, Part II1:26
34.Parted Lovers / Goodbye Beloved1:29
35.Orpheus / Lets Do It / Caravan1:47
36.Pay for This Trespass1:13
37.Lower the Bombs / Crazy / To the Tower1:10
38.To Remember Me, Beloved / Countdown1:44
39.He’ll Ruin Everything3:35
40.Prisoner of Love0:57
The Laughing Fish - Shirley Walker
41.The Laughing Fish / Joker’s Insane Scheme3:15
42.Friendly Fish Truck / Missile Fish / Francis Gets Happy (Extended) / I Know You’re Watching1:13
43.Jackson’s Cat0:57
44.Oceanside Aquarium / Sharkey’s Appetite2:13
45.Catch of the Day / How Do You Spell Relief?1:57
46.Batman Rides the Shark / Jumping Joker Sees Jaws / Is the Joker Gone?3:30
The Laughing Fish - Bonus Tracks
47.“Joker’s Fish Song” (Features “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” Arranged by Nerida Tyson-Chew)1:03
48.Joker’s Door Chime #10:11
49.Joker’s Door Chime #20:12
Batman: The Animated Series
50.End Credits (Alternate Ending) (Danny Elfman)0:44
# Traccia   Durata
Batman: The Animated Series
1.Main Title (with Sound Effects) (Danny Elfman)1:04
Shadow of the Bat, Part I - Shirley Walker
2.Shadow of the Bat / Thorne on the Roof2:01
3.Gordon’s Arrest1:02
4.We’ll See About This / The Evidence Room1:07
5.Two-Face’s Hideout / The Batgirl / Batgirl Takes Action / Batgirl Gets Trashed2:37
6.Bad Company / A Different Disguise / Matches Malone3:56
Shadow of the Bat, Part II - Harvey R. Cohen
8.Shadow of the Bat, Part II / Casing Gil’s Apartment1:21
9.Robin and Batgirl Follow / Matches Gives the Signal / Bad Guys Escape2:58
10.Water in the Tunnel / Water, Water Everywhere / Saving Robin / Batgirl up the Rope1:47
11.Blasted out of Jail / Batgirl Finds Out1:00
12.Subway Escape1:44
13.Rescue of the Commish / Batgirl’s a Real Drag / Batgirl Sees the Statue3:16
14.Welcome to Gotham0:32
Shadow of the Bat - Bonus Tracks
15.Recap (Alternate)1:20
16.Matches Gives the Signal (No Bass) / Bad Guys Escape (No Bass)1:41
Harley And Ivy - Peter Davison, Michael Mccuistion, Lolita Ritmanis, Shirley Walker
17.Harley and Ivy (M. McCuistion, L. Ritmanis)2:57
18.Harley is On Her Own (S. Walker, L. Ritmanis) / The Girls Escape (S. Walker)3:18
19.Toxic Dump (P. Davison) / Crime Spree (S. Walker)1:10
20.Batman Finds a Clue (P. Davison) / Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down (S. Walker) / Locked in Chains (P. Davison) / Batman Escapes Bondage (P. Davison)1:43
21.The Joker’s Flower (S. Walker, L. Ritmanis) / Batman Rescues Mr. J (M. McCuistion) / No More Women (S. Walker)2:04
Read My Lips - Shirley Walker
22.Read My Lips / Scarface’s Boys2:14
23.What a Dummy1:17
24.Drapes for the Bat / Lumber Slumber / No Apples2:50
25.A Prima Notion1:14
26.Platinum Vault / Hang in There1:24
27.Dummy Up / Here We Go Again3:24
Fire From Olympus - Shirley Walker
28.Fire From Olympus2:17
29.Max on High1:16
30.Lightning Demonstration0:39
31.Sneaking Batman In / Fire in the Sky2:39
32.Batman Enters Olympus / Snake Fight1:51
33.Olympus Battle4:59
Batman: The Animated Series
34.End Credits (Alternate Beginning and Ending)0:43
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