Arrow: Season 2

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# Traccia   Durata
1.To Island1:12
2.Come Home1:31
3.Return To Glades1:03
4.Take a Walk2:15
5.Go After Queen1:09
6.Office Attack1:00
8.New Lair2:40
9.Saving Shado0:59
10.Thea In Church2:06
11.Different Way1:04
12.Tommy Grave1:37
13.The Real Me1:42
14.Roy Meets Canary1:07
15.Step Two1:37
16.Try Roy Try2:33
18.You Did This1:36
19.Ying Yang1:53
20.Arrow And Bronze Tiger2:35
21.Carly News1:46
22.Island Has Done1:25
23.Blood Speech2:11
24.False Location1:11
25.Bronze Tiger Fight1:31
26.Hug Territory1:11
27.Roy In Alley1:28
28.Canary Saves Arrow1:03
29.The Bad Guy1:04
30.City Hurting1:30
32.Dollmaker’s Attorney1:06
33.Dollmaker Phones2:38
34.Stealing Info1:39
35.Felicity Followed1:23
36.Dollmaker Chase1:43
37.Blame Yourself1:07
38.Roy Chases Girl1:06
40.Arrow Saves Them1:23
41.Laurel Not A Doll1:18
42.Saved My Daughter1:05
43.Canary Called Back1:22
44.Too Busy To Party1:01
45.Exposed Canary1:57
46.Drinking Problem1:03
47.Why Sara Is Back?2:39
48.Oliver Bullet Test1:36
49.Laurel Denies1:03
50.Mayor Arrives1:11
51.Tracking Mayor1:18
52.Big Fight1:30
53.Save A City1:01
55.Brother Blood1:14
56.Are You Ok?1:04
57.Moira Decision Made1:21
58.Al Owal1:41
59.Quite The Team1:03
60.Sara Back1:19
61.Home For Weeks1:56
62.Doctor Ivo1:07
64.Open Door1:28
65.Arrow Saves Lances1:02
66.Let You Go2:13
67.Gets Better1:05
68.Oliver Needs A Drink1:02
69.Oliver Roy Bust1:02
70.Digg Coerced1:57
71.Ivo Questions2:22
74.Russian Deal1:31
75.Sara Warns1:11
76.Shado Cares1:11
77.Sara Tricks Oliver2:10
78.Breaking Out1:36
79.Digg Lets Deadshot Go1:24
80.Could Be Useful1:15
81.Moira Warns1:08
82.Count Escapes1:19
83.Trial Begin1:42
84.Count Negociation1:15
85.Thea On Stand1:13
86.Approve This High1:47
87.Realising Anger1:22
88.Count Lab Fight1:22
89.Rescuing Oliver1:09
90.Killing Count3:02
91.Not Guilt1:41
92.No Choice1:23
93.Blood Soldier1:00
94.Escaping Press1:07
95.Merlyn Retuns1:52
96.Alcolyte Bombards1:10
97.Who Are You?1:12
98.Cetrafuge Stolen1:22
99.Can We Help You?1:15
100.What Is He Like?1:25
101.Tell Her Soon1:23
102.Found Something1:17
103.Arrow Alcolyte1:20
104.Oliver Explains Serum1:18
105.Same Case1:13
106.Reporting To Blood1:08
107.Barry And Felicity1:04
108.Tracking Thief1:29
109.Could Kill You1:22
110.Moira Threat1:43
111.Alcolyte Factory Fight1:18
112.Slade Dies1:14
113.Save My Friend1:22
114.Saving Oliver Again1:34
115.No Christmas1:01
116.Shado Ghost1:23
117.Ivo On Sub1:08
118.Keeping Score1:02
119.Giving Lance Intel1:18
120.Alcolyte Kills Lucas1:29
121.Fighting A Ghost1:03
122.Partner Dead1:13
123.Not Human1:08
124.Ghost Talk1:04
125.Roy Breaks In1:19
126.Arrow Saves Roy1:13
128.In A Flash2:29
129.Random Criminal1:37
130.Shado Buried1:53
131.Out Of My Way1:03
132.Off Target1:50
133.Blaming Smoak1:04
134.Slade Going Nuts1:21
135.Blood Suicide1:51
136.Laser Tag1:38
137.Finding Bomb1:40
138.My Partner2:16
139.Slade Gone1:20
140.Truth About Blood2:53
141.Visiting Mom2:39
142.Blood’s Mom Dead1:25
143.Need A Plan2:09
144.Roy Shows Sin1:24
145.Telling Sara Sory1:44
146.Going In1:21
147.Search For File1:41
148.Sin Hooker1:39
149.Sara Radios Ivo1:47
150.Roy Cries1:21
151.Laurel Taken1:50
152.Arrow Fights Blood1:04
153.Not Blood1:01
154.Cloudy Judgement1:02
155.Blind Spot1:06
156.Can Teach You1:10
157.Bronze Tool Delivery2:05
158.Slapping Water1:07
159.Tiger Rooftop1:29
160.Fresh Homicide1:35
161.Earthquake Heist1:25
162.Angry Face1:37
163.Roy Spiraling2:01
164.Money Well Spent1:19
165.Reveal To Roy2:24
166.Convincing Slade1:48
167.Forming A Squad1:14
168.Laurel In Hospital1:19
169.Once Lovers1:32
170.Release Me1:36
171.Moto Chase Van1:21
172.Ransom Demand1:13
173.We Will All Pay1:59
174.Nissa Arrow Fight1:24
175.No More Killing1:29
176.We Are Done1:36
177.Because Of Sara1:45
178.Sara Also Gone1:14
179.Tockman Bank2:47
180.Tockman Strikes1:19
181.Find Tockman1:22
182.Together As Family1:04
183.Tockman Heist2:19
184.Sara Spotlight1:12
185.Tock Blows Lair1:06
186.About Me1:53
187.Have Someone1:18
188.Half My Life1:03
189.Smoak At Bank1:22
190.Tockman Stopped1:11
191.Slade Surprise Visit1:46
192.Island Training1:54
193.Must Kill Ivo1:36
194.If I Die1:12
195.Bad News For Ivo1:06
196.Starting A Fire1:08
197.Ivo Orders Out1:08
198.Oliver In Chair1:21
199.Creepy Slade1:14
200.Slade Meets Thea1:02
201.Truth Serum1:36
202.Know That Voice1:39
203.Executing The Plan2:01
204.What Will He Do?1:24
205.I Can Explain1:28
206.Getting Off Ship1:52
207.Slade Ship Now1:10
208.What Do You Want?4:05
209.Ivo Plays His Hand3:03
210.Cameras Planted1:02
211.Amanda Orders2:39
212.Suicide Squad1:11
214.He Will Use You1:08
215.House Setup1:01
216.Shado Film2:29
217.Finding The Gas1:45
218.Terrorist Warning1:16
219.Escape The Drone1:36
220.Know For Sure1:36
221.Pushing Away1:10
222.New Player In Town1:22
223.Protect Lance2:09
224.Back In The Field1:25
225.Stop Seeing Thea1:13
226.I Created Huntress1:23
227.Prepare For Anything2:04
228.Cops Setup1:12
229.Sister Moment3:03
230.Electric Shock1:18
231.Girl Fight1:31
232.Let Darkness In1:42
233.Final Confrontation1:10
234.Damn Vigilantes2:11
236.Tell The Truth1:52
237.Thea Search Begins1:35
238.Appointing CEO1:35
239.Anatoly Defuses Bomb1:01
240.Tranquilizing Slade1:13
241.Oliver Begs Slade1:39
242.Chasing Slade1:15
243.Free To Go1:54
244.Own Worst Enemy2:31
245.Roy Loses It1:01
246.Isabelle Fights1:01
247.Go Get Thea1:39
248.Warehouse Showdown1:34
249.Deathstroke Beckons1:17
250.Queen Obsession1:21
251.Wrong Decisions1:20
252.Blow Up QCAS2:23
253.Like Sleeping With Dad1:22
254.Anatoly To Torture1:32
255.Deathstroke In Lair1:24
256.Messed Up1:10
257.Caitlin Cisco1:14
259.Quick Death Request2:22
260.Robert Knew1:20
261.Never Asked Why1:09
262.If I Knew1:08
263.Roy Hooked Up1:15
264.Just A Kid1:06
265.Saving Roy1:00
266.Roy Needs Doctor1:17
267.Ivo Quick Death1:29
268.Dad Knew1:11
269.Roy Out2:02
270.Big Mistake1:44
271.Looking For Roy1:36
272.Fighting Roy Down1:34
273.Need To Find Roy1:00
274.Moira Has Know1:42
275.The Pay Off1:45
276.Moira Speech1:45
277.Get Your Soul Back2:31
278.Promise Kept3:47
279.Never Without Me1:39
280.Lie Killed Her1:11
281.Boarding The Sub1:11
282.No Trace Of Oliver1:17
283.Because Of Me3:21
284.Purest Heart1:34
285.Where It Began1:22
286.Laurel In Lair2:38
287.Mayor Meeting2:07
288.Oliver Sees Army2:24
289.Mayhem Continues2:02
290.Ravager Diggle Fight2:57
291.Laurel Shoots1:08
292.Cure En Route1:23
293.Friend For Life1:12
294.Back In Charge1:50
295.Van Turned1:30
296.Van Rescue2:31
297.City Of Graves2:01
298.Beautiful Name2:25
299.Not Without You1:35
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