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Lost Broadway 1956-57 - Broadway's Forgotten & Obscure Musicals

Stage door 26/07/2019 CD (5055122190646)

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# Traccia   Durata
1.Gee, But It's Good to Be Here (from 'Happy Hunting')2:44
2.Mutual Admiration Society (from 'Happy Hunting')2:17
3.Happy Hunting (from 'Happy Hunting')1:43
4.I'm Available (from 'Mr. Wonderful')2:40
5.Mr. Wonderful (from 'Mr. Wonderful')3:04
6.Too Close For Comfort (from 'Mr. Wonderful')3:51
7.Hurry (from 'New Faces of 1956')2:28
8.One Perfect Moment (from 'New Faces of 1956')2:27
9.The White Witch of Jamaica (from 'New Faces of 1956')4:06
10.Push de Button (from 'Jamaica')3:33
11.Ain't it de Truth (from 'Jamaica')4:02
12.Leave de Atom Alone (from 'Jamaica')3:31
13.Simply Heavenly (from 'Simply Heavenly')1:42
14.Look for the Morning Star (from 'Simply Heavenly')2:34
15.Good Old Girl (from 'Simply Heavenly')3:00
16.Toujours Gai (from 'Shinbone Alley')2:08
17.A Woman Wouldn't Be a Woman (from 'Shinbone Alley')2:01
18.Don't Look Now (from 'Copper And Brass')2:30
19.You Walked Out (from 'Copper And Brass')2:34
20.It's Good To Be Alive (from 'New Girl In Town')1:54
21.Look at 'Er (from 'New Girl In Town')2:18
22.Did You Close Your Eyes (from 'New Girl In Town')2:52
23.It Must Be So (from 'Candide')1:50
24.Glitter and Be Gay (from 'Candide')5:32
25.Make Our Garden Grow (from 'Candide')4:02
26.Ages Ago (from 'Time Remembered')-Bonus Track3:41
27.Time Remembered (from 'Time Remembered')-Bonus Track2:52
# Traccia   Durata
1.Too Close For Comfort (from 'Mr. Wonderful')3:59
2.Jacques D'Iraque (from 'Mr. Wonderful')-Pop Version2:22
3.A New Fangled Tango (from 'Happy Hunting')1:57
4.Mutual Admiration Society (from 'Happy Hunting')2:01
5.I'm a Funny Dame (from 'Happy Hunting')2:08
6.Shangri-La (from 'Shangri-La')2:29
7.Listen to the Sound of My Love (from 'Shangri-La')2:22
8.Second Time in Love (from 'Shangri-La')2:23
9.Lost Horizon (from 'Shangri-La')2:54
10.Scratch My Back (from 'New Faces of 1956')3:08
11.April in Fairbanks (from 'New Faces of 1956')2:51
12.It Must Be So (from 'Candide')3:02
13.Coconut Sweet (from 'Jamaica')-Pop Version2:26
14.Push de Button (from 'Jamaica')-Pop Version2:26
15.Pretty to Walk with (from 'Jamaica')2:42
16.Take it Slow, Joe (from 'Jamaica')2:40
17.You Walked Out (from 'Copper And Brass')2:31
18.Cool Credo (from 'Copper and Brass')3:23
19.All Dressed Up and No Place to Go (from 'Rumple')2:47
20.In Times Like These (from 'Rumple')2:35
21.Wish (from 'Rumple')2:47
22.How do You Say Goodbye (from 'Rumple')2:56
23.The First Time I Spoke of You (from 'Rumple')2:57
24.Red Letter Day (from 'Rumple')2:26
25.Coax Me (from 'Rumple')2:54
26.It's Good To Be Alive (from 'New Girl In Town')1:52
27.Look at 'Er (from 'New Girl In Town')2:14
28.Did You Close Your Eyes (from 'New Girl In Town')2:58
29.Sunshine Girl (from 'New Girl in Town')2:26
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