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Ruth The Musical

Records DK 13/05/2019 Digital Download

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# Traccia   Durata
1.The Messenger (Instrumental)1:52
2.I Won't Go2:41
3.My Life Is Bitter (Instrumental)2:41
4.The Journey (Instrumental)1:33
5.Memories (Instrumental)1:25
6.Praise the Lord2:25
7.The Gleaners (Instrumental)0:58
8.Start Again (feat. Zoë Birkbeck & Ellen Johnson)1:59
9.Sheyla's Theme (Instrumental)1:26
10.Rahab (Instrumental)1:29
11.Am I in Love (feat. Lewis Southall, Lester Matthews & Megan Quince)2:31
12.Who'd Have Known (feat. Lindsey Danvers & Sara Durkin)2:15
13.Your Ways (feat. Lindsey Danvers)3:13
14.I Will Break My Heart2:19
15.Go to Him (Instrumental)1:29
16.The Threshing Floor (Instrumental)2:21
17.What Did I Do (feat. David Ayrn)3:09
18.Wait for Him (feat. Lindsey Danvers)1:37
19.I Will Break My Heart Reprise (feat. David Aryn)1:24
20.Hello Cousin (Instrumental)1:23
21.The Shoe (Instrumental)1:07
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