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Edel ‎– 0027202EDL The Very Best of Science Fiction

Edel Records 1997 CD (4009880272022)

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# Traccia Artista/Compositore Durata
1.The Terminator / Terminator Theme3:53
2.Cocoon / End Dredits5:22
3.Star Trek IiThe Wrath Of Khan / Main Title3:07
4.Alien / End Title2:50
5.Mac & Me / Overture4:09
6.Bills & Teds / The Princess5:47
7.Ghostbusters / Main Theme3:38
8.Star TrekThe Nect Generation / Tasha's Farewell6:21
9.Innerspace / Gas Attack Pt Ii1:58
10.Star Trek / Titelmelodie4:02
11.Thr Philadephia Experiment / Main Theme3:00
12."V" For Victory / Main Theme2:00
13.Mad Max Ii / Journey Over The Mountain2:10
14.Flash Gordon / Suite5:01
15.Meteor / End Title Suite4:45
16.Batman / Batman March2:20
17.2010 / Finale3:50
18.Star Trek ViThe Undiscovered Country / End Title Suite6:14
19.Total Recall / Main Title2:31
# Traccia Artista/Compositore Durata
1.Superman / Main Theme4:38
2.Invaders From Mars / End Credits3:18
3.Star TrekThe Motion Picture / End Credits3:27
4.Countdown / Main Title1:30
5.Return Of The Jedi / Parade Of The Evoks3:35
6.Star TrekThe Next Generation / Birth (From The Episode "The Child")3:20
7.My Stepmother Is An Alien / The Klystron (Revised Version)5:14
8.Deep Space Nine / Titelmelodie2:00
9.Explorers / The Construction2:28
10.Seconds / Suite8:00
11.Star Trek IvThe Voyage Home / Main Title2:42
12.Gremlins 2 / End Credits5:18
13.Fantastic Voyage / Ocean Of Life5:33
14.Dead Zone / Main Title3:43
15.Return Of Captain Invincible / Main Title1:42
16.Fortress / Main Title1:48
17.Battle For The Planet Of The Apes / Main Title3:56
18.The Illustrated Man / Main Title/Frightened Willie7:28
19.Star Wars / Main Theme5:38
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