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The Sentinel
Universal Pictures Film Music Heritage Collection

La-La Land Records 14/05/2019 CD - 2000 copie (826924149621)
Film Rilascio pellicola: 1977

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# Traccia   Durata
1.There Is Danger0:47
2.The Sentinelmain Title3:04
3.Marked Child4:05
4.Prospective Tenant3:00
5.First Attack0:32
6.The Photo And The Panel2:14
7.We Are Ready1:31
9.Vacant Except3:13
10.Screaming Into The Streets5:03
11.Convicted Murderess / Never Saw Him Before1:51
12.I’d Like To Take A Look At That House3:39
13.Professor’s Translation2:01
14.A Familiar Quotation0:56
15.Archdiocese Break-in3:59
16.God Be With You / The Franchino Car1:31
17.Through Me, The City Of Grief2:59
18.Death Of Michael2:41
19.About Sentinels1:48
20.Welcome Home2:49
21.Be One With Us, A Queen In Our Kingdom1:30
22.To The Depths2:42
23.The Sentinel–End Credits2:25
Source Music
24.Shampoo Commercial0:29
25.Do Your Own Kind Of Dance1:26
27.Sentinel Polka0:56
28.Lipstick Commercial1:09
29.Summer Ragtime2:06
30.T.V. Drama1:22
32.Sweeteners And Musical Effects4:56
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