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Bad Times at the El Royale

12/10/2018 Digital Download
Milan Records 12/10/2018 Digital Download
Milan Records 16/11/2018 CD (0731383701320)
Milan Records 16/11/2018 CD (3299039812822)

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# Traccia   Durata
1.The Suite at the El Royale7:52
2.A Room with an Entrez-Vous0:55
3.Let the Spieling Begin1:54
4.Rough Around the Ledger3:04
5.It’s Ms You to You1:40
6.Mirror Mortals2:36
7.When Push Comes to Hoover1:46
8.Darlene-Eyed Monster0:53
9.My Memory My Memory1:41
10.I Spy with My Little FBI2:03
11.Sea You Again Soon1:38
12.The Doors of Deception2:38
13.Voyeur In So Much Trouble6:05
14.Clingin’ in the Rain6:54
15.A Bang Up Robbery3:08
16.You Can’t Flynn Them All1:09
17.Rose and Cons2:39
18.A Blaze of Allegory4:41
19.Billy Lee Is Not My Lover3:12
20.Roulette the Chips Fall6:53
21.The Wages of Flynn1:15
22.Absolution Presents Itself10:06
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