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Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Original Soundtrack IV

Victor Entertainment 16/12/2004 CD (4988002470754)

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# Traccia   Durata
1.Invoke (TV opening version)1:36
2.Quiet Dawn1:33
3.Stand Up! Rage!2:27
4.Shifting Tactics1:39
5.moment ~TV edit~1:33
6.Kira's Homework1:53
7.Aslan's Melancholy1:47
8.The Dimensional Door2:02
9.The End of the Quaking Land1:46
10.Although We're Always Together (TV ending version)1:27
11.Stirring Heart1:19
12.Natural Selection1:36
13.Comeback Fight3:05
14.Believe (GUNDAM SEED Version)1:35
15.Tears and Distrust1:46
16.That Way, Like a Falling Star2:23
17.The Nightmare Continues1:50
18.Eyecatch 10:11
19.Eyecatch 20:10
20.Tender Gaze2:09
21.Thinking of a Friend0:33
22.Yearning for Peace2:29
23.The Abyss of Despair2:25
24.Kira's Isolation2:03
25.RIVER (GUNDAM SEED Version)1:16
26.Unconnected Melody1:36
27.Seeking the Light1:40
28.Fate of the Void1:35
29.Sailing at Dawn1:43
30.Realize (Gundam Seed Opening Ver.)1:43
31.Desert Fang1:35
33.Looking for Answers1:48
34.The Pathway to the Stars2:34
35.Find The Way (TV mix)1:32
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