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A Dangerous Date

Bateman Music 29/06/2018 Digital Download

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# Traccia   Durata
1.A Dangerous Date0:55
2.Pump the Brakes2:09
3.Romance Match1:30
4.Fixing Up Dad2:06
5.Check Please1:31
6.Truth About Lexi2:30
7.Morning After1:44
8.Be Safe0:46
9.Secret Admirer1:23
10.Motherly Advice2:25
11.Family Dinner0:33
12.Confronting Alexis2:01
13.You're NOT My Mother!3:14
16.The Shrine3:38
17.Wedding Dress4:48
18.Is It Sawyer, or Boyer?2:39
19.Good in Bed2:28
20.Not That Type of Girl2:53
21.Young Lexi1:45
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