Rumble 3
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D'Art Records 17/06/2018 Digital Download

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# Traccia   Durata
2.Acoustic Challenge (Version with Beat)1:43
3.Acoustic Challenge1:43
4.Angelic Happy Slow Movement3:20
5.Birds View2:23
6.Blackbird (Empty Mix)1:42
9.Forward Thinking3:03
10.Genuine and True (No Drums and Bass Version)1:12
11.Genuine and True1:12
12.Green Exposure1:33
13.Guitar Police1:57
15.High Suer1:19
16.His Story (No Drums Version)1:17
17.In Dulcimo1:14
19.Israel Tree3:24
20.Kind of Spannend1:40
21.Klein Orkest0:45
22.Krul En Zonen Small3:00
23.Less Funny Less Fast (Version with Piano)1:05
24.Liquid Long1:50
26.New Jack Swing2:43
27.Out the Mood1:04
28.Outside In (No Drums Version)1:29
29.Outside In1:29
30.Railway Tension1:54
31.Serious Horns1:34
32.Serious Stuff2:16
33.Shepherds Pie1:14
34.Shocking Really4:26
35.Slow Offender1:50
36.Speed Up2:04
37.Stay Up All Day1:32
38.StingRays Session2:27
39.Stormy Glass of Water (Empty Mix)2:48
40.Stormy Glass of Water (Variation)2:48
41.Sunday Drizzle (Acoustic Guitar Version)1:02
42.Sunday Drizzle1:03
44.The Cotton Is High (No Drums and Bass Version)1:27
45.The Cotton Is High1:27
46.The Next President1:51
47.The Rainbow Factor2:12
48.To the South (No Percussion Version)1:43
49.To the South1:43
50.Travel Full3:46
51.Twelve into Four1:05
52.Varen (Korte Versie)0:28
53.Varen (Lange Versie)0:44
54.Volk Fluit2:32
55.Vreselijk Gewoon1:41
56.Wagon Accents Bass Clarinet0:17
57.Wagon Accents Marimba0:09
58.Wagon Blues Plus2:38
59.Wagon Blues2:38
60.Wagon Dream On0:19
61.Wagon Electric Piano2:32
62.Wagon Fun Vibe0:23
63.Wagon Funny Tension0:28
64.Wagon Guitar Battle0:40
65.Wagon Guitar1:18
66.Wagon Happy Country0:51
67.Wagon Jazz Vibe0:51
68.Water Down2:40
69.Water Up4:08
70.What Is It0:51
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