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Arthur and the Invisibles

Atlantic US (0075679467522)
Film | Data di rilascio: 09/01/2007 | Formato: CD, Digital Download

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# Traccia Artista/Compositore Durata
1.Quest For LoveJewel3:20
2.Go GirlSnoop Dogg3:39
3.It's A Beautiful DayElijah3:23
4.The Minimoys Overture2:19
5.Nice Town1:25
6.Arthur And The Aqueduct1:22
7.The Phonecall And The Waxcake2:44
8.Davidoo And The Watertank0:40
9.Small As A Tooth1:22
10.Stolen Kiss1:09
11.Grandpa's Mission1:07
12.The Cloth Ladder1:13
13.Bogo Matassalai4:02
14.Try To Be Convincing1:53
15.Third Ring For The Soul1:29
16.The Land Of The Minimoys3:26
17.Central Gate1:18
18.The Blueberry Catapult1:15
20.Feeding Time1:20
21.The Sword Of Power1:52
22.Arthur The Hero2:07
25.Nutboat And Laces1:07
26.Ballad For Granny1:06
27.In Bed With Selenia1:53
28.Red Poppy Night0:58
29.Dragonfly Eggs0:45
30.Evil Straws1:02
33.No Kiss But Tradition1:04
34.Show Time In Necropolis3:18
36.Solid Gate0:55
37.Eternally Grateful1:15
38.A Beauitful Day1:30
39.Destruction Of The Seides2:41
40.A Bowl Of Rubies1:16
41.Greed And Loneliness1:21
42.The Minimoys Finale3:04
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