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A View to a Kill
Expanded score

Bootleg 2012 CD
Film Rilascio pellicola: 1985

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# Traccia Artista/Compositore Durata
2.Snow Job2:32
3.A View to a Kill (Main Title)Duran Duran3:42
4.Butterfly Act1:14
5.May Day Jumps2:56
6.Bond Meets Stacy2:28
7.Pegasus Stable3:07
8.A Night With May Day1:05
9.Tibbet Gets Washed Out1:44
10.Bond Escapes Roller1:27
11.Project Main Strike0:57
12.Bond Underwater2:40
13.Jacuzzi Music2:16
14.Stacy's Home Suite0:25
15.Wine With Stacy1:58
17.He's Dangerous2:20
18.Destroy Silicon Valley2:28
19.Airship to Silicon Valley2:36
20.May Day Bombs Out3:07
21.Stacey Attacks0:13
22.Golden Gate Fight (Film Version)2:44
23.Cleaning Up1:23
24.A View to a Kill (End Titles Film Version)Duran Duran2:32
Music Video Version
26.A View To A Kill-:-
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