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Ender's Game
Complete Motion Picture Score

Bootleg 2013 Digital Download
Film Rilascio pellicola: 2013

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# Traccia Artista/Compositore Durata
2.You Cheat1:11
3.Monitor Removed/Fight35:
4.Formics & Astronauts/The Program34:
5.Traveling to Ship1:58
7.First Class1:42
8.To the Battle Room0:57
10.He Said, ‘Go to Sleep’0:43
11.Ender Gets Some Followers1:02
12.Mind Game #1/Promoted18:
13.Bonzo Makes the Rules0:47
14.Petra Trains Ender to Shoot2:16
15.A Word in Private, Sir1:20
16.Salamander Battle3:31
17.Bonzo Threatens/Mind Game #255:
18.Graff Assesses Threat0:34
19.Ender Becomes a Leader2:42
20.Battle Alert-Dragons Wins20:
21.Shower Fight1:26
22.Ender Quits6:11
23.Ender to Command School1:59
24.Ender’s New Room/Mazer Rackham27:
25.Queen’s Ship2:33
26.Simulation Room/First Simulation Victory9:
27.Second Simulation Defeat1:05
28.Late Night Chat with Petra1:39
29.Graduation Day/Final Battle #15:
30.Final Battle #23:25
31.Eros Devastated2:36
32.I’m a Killer/Ender to Queen5:
33.Confrontation & Resolution3:12
34.Main on End1:43
35.End Credits Edit #11:20
36.End Credits Edit #21:30
37.Ender’s War (Suite)3:27
38.Battle Room (Suite)3:04
39.Commander (Suite)3:34
40.Popup Menu, Pt. 1 (Bonus Track)3:49
41.Popup Menu, Pt. 2 (Bonus Track)1:00
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Ender's Game (2013)
Ender's Game (2013)

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