Close Encounters of the Third Kind
40th Anniversary Edition

La-La Land Records 28/11/2017 CD - 5000 copie
Film Rilascio pellicola: 1977

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# Traccia   Durata
1.Main Title and The Vision1:29
2.Navy Planes2:15
3.Lost Squadron2:34
5.Into the Tunnel and Chasing UFOs3:56
6.Crescendo Summit1:25
7.False Alarm and The Helicopter4:20
8.Barry’s Kidnapping6:22
9.Forming the Mountain1:58
10.TV Reveals / Across Country2:53
11.The Mountain3:36
12.The Cover-up and Base Camp3:56
13.The Escape2:20
14.Climbing the Mountain2:36
15.Outstretched Hands2:50
16.The Light Show3:47
18.The Mothership4:35
19.The Dialogue4:28
20.The Returnees3:58
21.The Appearance of the Visitors4:56
23.End Titles4:27
# Traccia   Durata
1.Main Title1:18
2.Roy’s First Encounter2:44
3.Encounter at Crescendo Summit1:25
4.Chasing UFOs1:22
5.Watching the Skies1:20
6.Vision Takes Shape0:42
7.Another Vision0:42
8.False Alarm1:45
9.The Abduction of Barry4:36
10.The Cover-up2:31
11.TV Reveals1:52
12.Roy and Jillian on the Road1:20
13.I Can’t Believe It’s Real3:25
14.Across the Fields1:20
15.Stars and Trucks0:49
16.Who Are You People?1:38
17.The Escape (Alternate)2:41
18.Climbing Devils Tower2:11
19.Dark Side of the Moon •1:34
20.The Approach4:32
21.Night Siege6:27
22.The Conversation2:23
24.Contact (Alternate) •2:51
25.Eleventh Commandment •2:00
26.TV Western1:06
27.Lava Flow1:47
28.The Five Tones2:25
29.Advance Scout Greeting2:58
30.The Dialogue (Early Version)3:12
31.Resolution and End Title6:55
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