Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Complete Motion Picture Score

Bootleg 2011 Digital Download
Film Rilascio pellicola: 2007

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# Traccia   Durata
1.Hoist the Colours1:31
2.Arrive in Singapore2:15
3.East India Trading Company0:24
4.Getting Ready0:59
5.Entering the Bath House2:52
6.Steam Room0:39
7.Sao Feng Negotiation5:08
8.Battle with the Brits2:17
9.Battle Continues / Will Makes Deal1:34
10.Crew Embarks1:48
11.Trying to Get Lost5:03
12.Davy Jones Commanded3:45
13.Over the Edge2:12
14.Multiple Jacks7:29
16.Captain Jack Sparrow1:16
17.Rescue Jack2:11
18.Who’s Captain? / Below Deck2:06
19.Souls at Sea4:20
20.Dreadlock Jack2:00
21.The Green Flash3:49
22.We’re Back / Wet Powder0:45
23.Jiggy Kraken3:57
24.Jack & Beckett8:33
26.Sao Feng’s Death1:33
27.Chinese Captured by Brits0:40
28.Bootstraps / Elizabeth Locker2:26
29.Jack Catches Will0:59
# Traccia   Durata
1.Escape / Norrington Dies4:12
2.Mrs. Fish1:17
3.Davy Jones Tells Calypso’s Story1:26
4.Shipwreck Cove0:52
5.Brethren Court Begins1:20
6.Calypso Must Be Released1:04
7.Davy Jones Visits Tia Dalma3:47
9.Teague & the Code1:36
10.King Elizabeth1:20
12.Trading Places2:08
13.Flying Dutchman Prison0:23
15.Calypso on Deck0:48
16.Releasing Calypso4:35
17.Hoist the Colours Declaration2:06
18.Maelstrom (Part 1)5:24
19.Getting the Chest1:36
20.A Lost Bird1:27
21.The Wedding3:10
22.Maelstrom (Part 2)5:06
23.Davy’s Death2:51
25.Beckett’s Death5:06
27.One Day2:40
28.The Ship is Gone1:17
29.The Fountain of Youth1:27
30.End Titles1:09
31.End Credits (Green Flash)2:13
32.End Credits (Hoist the Colours)5:28
33.Ten Years Later0:54
# Traccia   Durata
1.Beckett Theme (Original Demo)6:51
2.The Pirate Lord of Singapore (Album Suite)5:58
3.Lord Cutler Beckett (Album Suite)8:47
4.Marry Me (Album Suite)11:37
5.Just Good Business (Album Suite)5:56
6.Hoist the Colours (Album Suite)5:43
7.Jack & Beckett (Alternate)6:18
8.Sao Feng’s Death (Alternate)1:34
9.Shipwreck Cove (Alternate I)0:52
10.Shipwreck Cove (Alternate II)0:52
11.Parlay (Alternate)2:13
12.Hoist the Colours Declaration (Alternate)2:09
13.Getting the Chest (Alternate)1:21
14.The Wedding (Alternate)3:09
15.Maelstrom (Part 2) (Alternate)5:14
16.Beckett’s Death (Alternate)5:04
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