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Film Rilascio pellicola: 1992

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# Traccia   Durata
1.Arabian Nights1:19
2.Legend Of The Lamp1:25
3.On a Dark Night3:27
4.One Jump Ahead2:53
5.Street Urchins / One Jump Ahead (Reprise)2:54
6.Jasmine’s Garden2:08
7.Jafar Hypnotizes the Sultan1:20
8.Jasmine Runs Away0:47
9.The Marketplace2:37
10.Diamond in the Ruff / Aladdin’s Place3:15
11.Escape From the Guards0:43
12.The Sentence / Jasmine’s Sorrow0:58
13.The Dungeon2:08
14.The Cave of Wonders6:38
15.Something Terrible / The Awakenings1:23
16.Friend Like Me2:27
17.Genie’s Rules / Escape From the Cave0:51
18.Jafar’s New Plan2:16
19.To Be Free / Aladdin’s First Wish3:41
20.Jafar’s New Solution1:05
21.Prince Ali2:52
22.Impressing the Sultan0:58
23.Jasmine Insulted / Genie’s Advice / The Balcony Scene4:06
24.A Whole New World (Film Version)2:47
25.The Kiss1:51
26.Success! / The Attempted Drowning2:02
27.A Suitor For Jasmine / Jafar Revealed / Aladdin’s Word / Iago Steals the Lamp5:07
28.Jafar’s Hour / Prince Ali (Reprise)3:51
29.Ends of the Earth / Jafar’s Rule / Jasmine’s Trick / The Battle7:35
30.Happy End In Agrabah4:15
# Traccia   Durata
1.End Credits / A Whole New World (Film Version)4:44
2.Arabian Nights (Alternate Version)1:23
3.Happy End in Agrabah (Alternate Version)4:13
4.Why Me? (Deleted Song)3:24
5.Arabian Nights (Deleted Reprise)0:47
6.Count On Me (Deleted Demo Recording)2:42
7.Call Me a Princess (Deleted Demo Recording)2:43
8.Humiliate the Boy (Deleted Demo Recording)3:45
9.Friend Like Me (Work Tape)1:10
10.A Whole New World (Work Tape)0:51
11.Arabian Nights (Deleted Ashman Reprise #1)0:34
12.Babkak, Omar, Aladdin, Kassim (Deleted Ashman Recording)2:48
13.Arabian Nights (Deleted Ashman Reprise #2)0:35
14.Friend Like Me (Ashman Demo Recording)2:38
15.Proud of Your Boy (Deleted Ashman Recording)2:29
16.How Quick They Forget (Deleted Ashman Recording)4:00
17.Arabian Nights (Deleted Ashman Reprise #3)0:37
18.Arabian Nights (Deleted Ashman Reprise #4)0:44
19.High Adventure (Deleted Ashman Recording)4:22
20.Prince Ali (Demo Recording)4:16
21.A Whole New World (Album Version)2:41
22.A Whole New World (Single)4:10
23.A Whole New World (Pop Vocal Only)3:40
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