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The Dark Tower

Sony Classical 28/07/2017 Digital Download
Sony Classical 11/08/2017 CD (0889854555221)
Film Rilascio pellicola: 2017

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# Traccia   Durata
1.The Dark Tower1:42
2.The Face of My Father1:29
3.I Kill With My Heart3:03
4.Skin People2:33
5.Getting a Toothbrush1:14
6.Dutch Hill2:57
8.Arrival in Mid-World1:52
9.His Shine Is Pure2:21
10.The Map2:25
12.Something Got Out1:31
13.We Don't Have Chicken3:01
14.Manny Village1:05
15.See Across Worlds2:18
16.There's Always Another Battle2:12
17.A Chicken, a Goat and One Bullet3:44
18.Keystone Earth0:47
19.Portal Activity1:31
20.Smiley Face1:46
21.The Creed3:14
22.Death Always Wins2:53
23.Dixie Pig2:20
24.Tall, Dark and Handsome1:54
25.Full Package as Advertised2:05
26.It Will Fall4:50
27.Collateral Damage4:44
28.Hot Dogs1:14
29.Roland of Eld (Main Titles)2:34
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Dark Tower, The (2017)
Dark Tower, The (2017)

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