The Little Box Of Horror Disc 7 The Deluxe Edition

Varèse Sarabande 18/11/2016 CD - 1500 copie
Film Rilascio pellicola: 1997

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# Traccia   Durata
1.Main Titles2:37
2.Children’s Hospital1:26
3.Release The Judas2:24
4.Press Conference1:49
6.Priest Dies3:19
7.Investigation Begins0:45
8.Dark Angels1:01
9.Problems In The Lab5:18
10.Funny Shoes1:12
11.Delancey St. Station1:17
12.Locker Room2:28
13.Susan Meets Chuy1:10
14.Goodbye Boys2:34
15.Susan & Dr. Gates1:12
16.Chuy Steps Out3:15
17.Pregnancy Test2:52
18.Manny’s Search1:48
19.Manny’s Underground1:04
20.Susan Joins The Photos0:51
21.Mimic Snatches Susan1:22
22.Scaffolding Falls1:24
23.Alone In Den3:05
24.Chased By A Bug1:17
25.Josh Bites It4:19
26.Race To The Subway2:57
27.Mimics 1011:21
28.I’ll Go1:03
29.Fleeing Terror4:50
30.Bug Killer1:25
32.End Credits2:01
33.Slow Tango2:17
34.Manny’s Tango2:01
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