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The Angels Sing Merry Christmas - Max Steiner

Cappo Digital 26/11/2016 Digital Download

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# Traccia   Durata
1.Valley Forge1:31
2.Main Title2:16
3.Rescue From The Fortress4:57
4.Count De Polan's Ring2:05
6.The Press Gang2:20
7.House Of Burgesses2:27
8.The Golden Sword2:45
9.Catherine The Great3:52
10.A Short Lived Reformation / End Title1:15
11.Donna Elena's Advances2:48
12.Evading The Palace Gather3:56
13.Growing Up2:48
15.Fencing Master / Hall Of Flags5:21
16.The Chapel / The Loyalist Gather2:47
17.Fighting For Freedom3:49
18.Sentenced To Exile2:15
19.Song At The Inn1:59
20.Caught / Escape / Juan's Entourage / Processional5:22
22.Seeds Of Treachery / Count De Polan Captured4:41
23.Juan Exposes Duke De Lorca6:23
24.Paragon Among Queens5:32
25.The Surrender3:35
26.The King's Portrait / Juan's Arrival At The Palace2:42
27.Deat Of Duke De Lorca / Don Juan Bids Farewell To Margaret / The Road To Lisbon5:24
28.Dangerous Waters / The First Landing Of The U. S. Marines2:19
31.Return From Russia / Finale6:05
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