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The Simpsons Movie
Complete Score

Bootleg 2007 Scaricare
Film Rilascio di pellicole: 2007

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# Traccia   Durata
1.Moon Landing0:32
2.Itchy the Hero0:24
3.An Accidental Launch0:20
4.Simpsons Theme0:30
5.Simpsons Green Day Theme1:24
6.Source Cue0:15
7.American Idiot Funeral Version0:46
8.Church Organ Source0:20
9.Church Prophecy1:11
10.Homer's Chores0:38
11.Lisa Goes Door to Door0:54
12.Lisa and Colin0:31
13.Bart Skates0:50
14.Bart Humiliated1:11
15.A Twisted Tail0:47
16.Turtles Happy Together2:57
17.That's What Snug Is1:21
18.Marge Cleans0:32
19.Fishing with Flanders0:15
20.The Lake0:24
21.Town Hall Guitar0:17
22.Town Cleanup0:19
23.Simpson Home0:09
24.Pig Crap0:27
25.Homer Takes A Dump1:28
26.EPA Arrive0:27
27.Operation Dome Drop1:26
28.Town Gathers0:18
29.Trapped Like Carrots0:48
30.Trappuccino Source0:07
31.Maggie Outside0:31
33.Lynch Mob4:30
34.Outside the Dome0:59
35.EPA Helicopter0:24
36.Homers Solution1:29
37.Believe In America0:22
38.Carousel Ride1:16
39.Homer Speeds Up0:54
40.Gas Station1:08
42.Homer and Marge1:03
43.Town Panics1:40
44.Grand Canyon AD1:44
45.One Choice0:51
46.Grand Theft Walrus Source0:24
47.Game Over Source0:06
48.Marge and the Kids Leave0:42
49.Carpenter Close to You3:42
50.Homer Out Cold0:31
51.Homer's Epiphany2:22
54.Must Keep Going-Boob Lady0:35
# Traccia   Durata
1.Homer Sees Dome0:25
2.Lisa Saxophone Source0:16
3.Wrecking Ball0:56
4.Town in Ruins0:07
5.Emperor Moe0:15
6.Operation Soaring Eagle0:34
7.Homer Climbs the Dome0:36
8.Harmonica Source0:07
9.Supply Shed-Tricked By An Idiot0:51
10.Bart Goes to Church1:39
11.Epiphany Tree0:48
12.Nice Knowing You Homer2:28
13.Cargill Ver. 10:41
14.Cargill Ver. 20:43
15.A Happy Ending1:51
16.Homer Suite5:08
17.Giddyup Suite3:08
18.Theme Suite4:57
19.Springfield Anthem (Cast)0:40
20.Simpsons Theme (Album Version)1:27
21.Trapped Like Carrots (Album Version)2:14
22.Doomsday Is Family Time (Album Version)2:27
23.Release The Hounds (Album Version)2:19
24.You Doomed Us All... Again (Album Version)5:52
25.Homer, Bart, And A Bike (Album Version)2:24
26.Recklessly Impulsive (Album Version)5:27
27.Bart and Homer (Demo Cue)0:32
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Simpsons Movie, The (2007)
Simpsons Movie, The (2007)

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