Andy Warhol's Blood For Dracula

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Film | Data di rilascio: 14/04/2015 | Rilascio pellicola: 1974 | Formato: Vinile
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# Traccia   Durata
Side A
1.Old Age Of Dracula (Main Titles) 
2.In The Cellars Of The Castle 
4.On The Journey To Italy 
5.First Victim 
6.On Journey Again 
7.An Old Song 
8.Dracula’s Theme 
9.More Blood 
10.At The Inn 
11.Memories Of Romania 
12.Dracula Is Unmasked! 
13.A Regret 
14.The Vampire Escapes 
15.The Last Victim 
# Traccia   Durata
Side B
1.Pursuit And Death Of Dracula 
2.Dracula’s Theme (End Titles) 
3.In The Cellars Of The Castle (#2) 
4.Dracula’s Theme (#2) 
5.On The Journey To Italy (#2) 
6.First Victim (#2) 
7.Dracula’s Theme (#3) 
8.An Old Song (#2) 
9.Dracula's Theme #4 
10.In The Cellars Of The Castle (#3) 
11.A Regret (#2) 
12.On The Journey To Italy (#3) 
13.Dracula's Theme (#5) 
14.The Last Victim (#2) 
15.Old Age Of Dracula (#2) 
16.Main Titles (#2) 
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Released in 1973 and 1974 respectively,
BLOOD FOR DRACULA and FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN (RED212) were interesting if not a little off-beat horror movies both of which were filmed in Italy.
The legendary Paul Morrisey directed with the assistance in more ways than one of Italian film maker Antonio Margheriti, with the productions being overseen by Andy Warhol.
The italian composer CLAUDIO GIZZI, with his romantic and harmonious themes, has created a dark and romantically laced score that work very well within the context of the movie, the well know gothic tale of Dracula here directed in a not so conventional way by the genius of Morrisey and Warhol.
A powerful and subtle sound that supports and embellishes these stories with a very modern touch without being intrusive or overbearing like in many horror movies of the era.
Finally available on high quality vinyl with a deluxe packaging.


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