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Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins

Film | Data di rilascio: 25/07/2011 | Rilascio di pellicole: 1985 | Formato: CD
Edizione limitata: 1000 copie

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# Traccia   Durata
The Album
1.Main Title3:03
3.Rear Ended1:01
4.Remo Steals Ambulance/Chiun8:20
5.Rooftop Running3:14
6.Obstacle Course/Bad Gun4:35
7.Wonder Wheel1:11
8.Remo Floats2:15
9.Plot Thickens/Statue2:29
10.Liberty Chase2:55
11.Remo's Revenge1:52
12.Wet Cement2:31
13.Chiun and Remo2:43
14.Smart Dogs/Rats4:31
15.Escape/Mac Self Inflicts3:42
16.Mt. Promise0:43
17.Gas/Chiun Returns/No Brakes/Little Father3:46
18.Remo Runs for Chiun/Carpet Bombs/Log Ride/Log Jump7:07
19.Grove Gets Up1:40
20.Chiun Walks on Water2:01
21.Remo's Big Ending0:15
The Extras
22.TV Soap Opera2:33
23.Calliope #11:30
24.Calliope #21:14
25.Plot Thickens [Alternate Mix]1:00
26.Elevator Encounter1:03
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Reissue of exciting, fan-favorite soundtrack by Craig Safan to first REMO WILLIAMS tale, directed by James Bond veteran Guy Hamilton, starring Fred Ward, Joel Grey. (A short-lived TV series was launched after first film hit theaters.) Main theme appears during opening but Safan devotes bulk of his time to rousing adventure, pulsating action, sweet Korean theme. He writes with interesting use of brass section as one giant percussion device - in fact, at times entire orchestra plays resounding rhythmic ideas as complete themes unto themselves. Exciting! Intrada CD uses same 1/4' 15 ips two-track stereo mixes (from composer) as previous release but happily fixes incorrect channel balance issue for first time. (Even composer's masters were incorrect.) Complex score requires large orchestra, adds vibrant array of synthesizers, then adds layer of authentic Korean musicians. Each element was recorded separately, then mixed into composite two-track analog format. Numerous layers of analog tape adds degree of hiss to masters but crisp, vibrant recording compensates. Besides correcting reversed channel anomaly, Intrada places ferris wheel source music at end of album as 'extras'. Intrada release is primarily for fans who've missed out in the past and want another chance to own this dynamic soundtrack. Craig Safan conducts. Intrada Special Collection limited to 1000 copies!

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