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Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song / Don't Play Us Cheap
The Melvin Van Peebles Collection

Stax Records UK (0025218884020)
Film | Data di rilascio: 26/10/1999 | Formato: CD

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# Traccia   Durata
Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song (1971)
1.Sweetback Losing His Cherry2:45
2.Sweetback Getting It Uptight And Preaching It So Hard The Bourgeois Reggin Angels In Heaven Turn Around5:00
3.Come On Feet4:15
4.Sweetback's Theme7:36
5.Hoppin John2:25
6.Mojo Woman2:43
7.Sanra Z3:47
8.Reggin Hangin On In There As Best They Can2:58
9.Wont Bleed Me2:41
10.The Man Tries Running His Usual Game But Sweetback's Jones Is So Strong He Wastes The Hounds (Yeah! Yeah! And Besides That Will Be Coming Back Takin' Names & Collecting Dues)4:25
# Traccia   Durata
Don't Play Us Cheap (1973)
1.You Cut Up The Clothes In The Closet Of My Dreams5:45
2.Break That Party & Opening2:15
3.The Eight Day Week0:45
4.Saturday Night1:15
5.The Bowsers Thing (Instrumental)3:55
6.The Book Of Life4:20
7.Quittin' Time7:05
8.Aint Love Grand (Instrumental)4:10
9.I'm A Bad Character2:35
10.Know Your Business (Instrumental)1:45
11.Feast On Me3:25
12.Ain't Love Grand4:10
13.Break That Party (Instrumental)3:00
14.Someday It Seems That It Just Don't Even Pay To Get Out Of Bed3:25
15.Quartet (Instrumental)5:45
16.The Phoney Game1:40
17.It Makes No Difference2:30
18.Bad Character Bossa Nova (Instrumental)3:35
20.The Washingtons Thing (Instrumental)5:00
21.(If You See A Devil) Smash Him2:15
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