The Best of Star Trek
30th Anniversary Special

GNP Crescendo 1996 CD (0052824805323)
GNP Crescendo 1996 CD (0090204542420)

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# Traccia Artista/Compositore Durata
1.Star Trek The Original Series - Main Title Alexander Courage1:03
Suite from ''The Trouble with Tribbles''
2.Bartender Bit / They Quible over Quible / Kirk Out / Barrel of Trouble / Tribble Hooks Kirk / Poor Jonesy / A Matter of Pride / Come on Spock / Hissing Tribbles / Dead Heap Jerry Fielding5:19
3.The Muzak Maker / The Scherzo Maker Jerry Fielding1:37
4.A Matter of Pride / No Tribble at All / Big Fite Jerry Fielding4:05
5.Star Trek: The Next Generation - Main Title Alexander Courage & Jerry Goldsmith / Arr. Dennis McCarthy1:49
Suite from ''Heart of Glory''
6.Moment of Decision / Battle Signs / Geordi Vision / Looking for Life Signs / Imminent Destruction Ron Jones8:29
7.A Klingon's Feelings / Let's Make a Phaser / Heart of Glory Ron Jones6:30
Suite from ''The Inner Light''
8.Ochestral Suite from ''The Inner Light'' Jay Chattaway6:36
9.Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Main Title (Season 4) Dennis McCarthy1:55
Suite from ''The Visitor''
10.Rainy Night Dennis McCarthy1:08
11.Steve O's Cue / Freaked Out Dennis McCarthy3:07
12.Dad Admonishes Dennis McCarthy3:12
13.One Last Visit Dennis McCarthy2:58
14.Second Change Dennis McCarthy1:14
15.Star Trek: Voyager - Main Title (Extended Version) Jerry Goldsmith2:22
Suite from ''Heroes and Demons''
16.Last Hope Dennis McCarthy2:32
17.Dr. Schweitzer Dennis McCarthy1:20
18.Armagonnen Dennis McCarthy1:48
19.Where's Freya / To the Rescue Dennis McCarthy6:45
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