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Song & Dance: The Songs
Original Broadway Cast Recording

Musicale | Data di rilascio: 18/07/1995 | Formato: CD, Scaricare, Cassetta

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# Traccia   Durata
1.Overture / Take That Look Off Your Face5:08
2.Let Me Finish3:30
3.So Much To Do In New York1:50
4.First Letter Home3:23
5.English Girls3:18
6.Capped Teeth and Caesar Salad4:15
7.You Made Me Think You Were In Love1:57
8.Capped Teeth and Caesar Salad (Reprise)1:26
9.So Much To Do In New York (II)2:22
10.Second Letter Home2:00
11.Unexpected Song3:44
12.Come Back with the Same Look In Your Eyes3:35
13.Take That Look Off Your Face (Reprise)3:57
14.Tell Me on a Sunday5:17
15.I Love New York / So Much to Do in New York (III)3:06
16.Married Man3:33
17.Third Letter Home1:56
18.Nothing Like You've Ever Known3:41
19.Finale-Let Me Finish, What Have I Done, Take That Look Off Your Face5:45
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Andrew Lloyd Webber's Song and Dance is a combination of his 1979 Paganini variations for cello and rock band with a 1980 one-woman television piece called Tell Me on a Sunday, which featured lyrics by Don Black. In 1985, Song and Dance was reconceived by Richard Maltby Jr. and debuted on Broadway, which led to this recording of the first half of the show, Song and Dance: The Songs. In the role of Emma, a British girl exploring a new life and new relationships in New York and Los Angeles, Bernadette Peters always keeps things interesting, but the one-woman-show concept probably works better visually, and some of the themes and catch phrases become repetitive. Better to skip past the book numbers and simply enjoy some of Lloyd Webber's tastiest songs: 'Tell Me on a Sunday,' 'Take That Look off Your Face,' 'Come Back with That Same Look in Your Eyes,' and the gorgeous 'Unexpected Song.'

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