The Best of Thunderbirds
40th anniversary release. Includes bonus CD-Rom gallery

Silva Screen Records (0738572119522)
TV / Film TV | Data di rilascio: 14/11/2005 | Formato: CD

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# Traccia   Durata
1.Main Titles1:23
Trapped in the Sky
2.Deadly Plot—The Hood and the Fireflash3:45
3.Thunderbirds are Go!4:26
4.Fireflash Landing1:14
5.FAB1 Pursuit0:59
6.The Tracy Lounge Piano1:58
Terror in New York City
7.World Exclusive Foiled!1:38
8.Moving the Empire State Buidling3:32
9.The Rescue of Ned Cook2:33
30 Minutes After Noon
10.Spoke City Jazz1:39
11.Easy Listening Radio Music1:17
Desperate Intruder
The Impostors
13.Jeremiah's Theme (Alternative)2:02
Day of Disaster
14.Martian Space Probe1:32
Sun Probe
15.Stand By For Lift Off1:59
The Perils of Penelope
16.Penelope in France4:04
Path of Destruction
17.San Martino (Stereo)2:48
End of the World
18.Drama on the South East Asia Pass5:22
19.Taking a Desesperate Chance3:25
20.Thunderbirds to the Rescue2:39
Atlantic Inferno
21.Jazz Atlantica1:01
Vault of Death
22.Suite (Edit)5:28
Edge of Impact
23.The Red Arrow3:1
Danger at Ocean Deep
24.The Voyage of Ocean Pioneer 12:17
The Man From M.I.5
25.Espionage on the French Riviera (Edit)2:49
Pit of Peril
26.The Fate of the Sidewinder2:00
27.Pit of Peril2:49
29.End Titles1:13
# Traccia Artista/Compositore Durata
From the Century 21 Mini-Album Lady Penelope Themes
1.ParkerSylvia Anderson3:14
2.Lady Penelope / The Cham-chamDavid Graham2:56
3.Dangerous Game (Stereo)Sylvia Anderson3:51
From the Century 21 Mini-Album Great Themes from Thunderbirds
4.Let's Play Ad Lib (Stereo)2:54
From the Century 21 Mini-Album FAB
5.The Abominable SnowmanDavid Graham, Sylvia Anderson1:30
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